Does anyone defeated Starforce3?

Hi all!
I read throught forum, and still can’t understand, is anyone beat this CD-protection with or without emulation? Does anyone have REAL WORKING backup of original?

There is still no way of making a working backup of starforce 3 at this time, unfortunately!

But I think the BlindWrite team are working on a solution.

True. Should be ready around july-august.

…is anyone beat this CD-protection with or without emulation

Should be ready around july-august.

WITHOUT emulation? never… :wink:

That’s what we thought when securom 4.8x first appeared… now there are 2 ways of doing it without emulation…

we’ll see… :wink:

wat r u talking about VSO never said that they will or have found a way of copying SF3 why do people keep saying next month on jukly august when VSO have stated nothing even for beta testing. There is no way of copying this sucker unless u wanna hack SF dll but i am not gonna go into that :cop:

Hmmm. I think i’ve already found way to make working copy of SF3 game. Unfortunatly, i test only one game, russian version of XIII by Akella. It has SF (i think), and it’s released couple of months.

I’ve made working hd image, that works without any emulation and phisical diskonnection of CD-ROM.

One question - How???

The secret will be on plex premium like securom 4.8x-5.x. Moreover some games with Sf3 can be backed up reading/writing at minimal speed with BW 4.57, but only will work in few devices.


Plextor Premium - it’s only one part of succes. BWSuit 4.5.7 - is another. But there is some thing more! :cool:

Plextor can make working HDD image on 8x without any problem. And if you moun this image via D-Tools, you can pass SF3 checks like you run game from original CD. But if you burn it on CDR or CDRW - it won’t work…

I think i see solution of this problem on one russian forum.

Looking good.
Plextor Prem has a legendary reputation for SecuROM 4/5, i belive with the correct upcoming software, it will gain the same for Starforce (i hope!!!)

Good point magiceyes118, they havent annouced beta testing. Maybe they like keeping us in suspense. I dont know.

I don’t think the Plex Prem can ever make a sf3-DISC… :frowning:
the only thing that made it famous here is it’s ability to clone securom-protection-signs on a disc by using a trick that was not really planned to be used by plextor…
but sf does NOT have physical signs like securom! make a .bwa - you’ll see: nothing! :stuck_out_tongue:
IF there are secret, undiscovered physical signs on the media, the premium would not burn them better than any other burner…

And that a device can (maybe - not testet for myself yet) read something, that can be tricked by another (emulation)software shows NOTHING … :wink:
reading and writing are two completely different things; look at TAGES… :frowning:

besides: didn’t the main question be: withOUT emulation… :wink:


2 Razor1982:
Theoretically Plextor Premium can burn successfully even StarForce.
The problem is to get right absolute density. I think, it hangs only on software, Plextor Premium has already needed functions.

but sf does NOT have physical signs like securom! make a .bwa - you’ll see: nothing!

Earlier I thought about it like you, but i was wrong.

PS: wenn du willst, ich kann es erklären, was ich mit absoluter Dichte meinte.
Dann hätten wir was zu bereden, sonst tappst du nur im Dunklen.

I think when VSO eventually do bring out their software, Plextor Premium will succeed.
I mean what other drives do you think would succeed?

I burn Call OF Duty and Painkiller images with my Premium. Both games starts fine and validate CD as original. Even after installing patches wich upgrades SD3 protection. :slight_smile:

From Russia with love! Hehe! :slight_smile: Premium can easily make HDD image of XIII game. It plays fine from DTools without unpluging of any phisical CD drives.
But SF3 BWA file doesn’t look like SecuRom BWA.

I use BWSuit 4.5.7 to create HDD image. But i can’t write its correctly. I think the problem in CDr or RW media. I need time for the experiment. :slight_smile:

From what i observed, currently BW burns a securom CD at Gigarec turned at 1x (ie same sector density as there would normally be on the cdr), and when it encounters a spike in the bwa file, it changes the gigarec rate slightly to reflect the density change. But the absolute density is not replicated. Still, as securom only checks the relative sector density, it is enough.
I can tell this by looking at securom protected games which are quite small (like Championchip manager 03/04, which is only about 200 MB on the CD). The CD BlindWrite produces is burnt only near the center of the CD, whereas on the original CD the whole surface is used. BWAs made from the 2 CDs are shifted by a few units. This difference becomes very small for full CDs (600~700MB), but not small enough for SF…

I first thought that a cdr burnt with gigarec turned on at, for example, 0.8x would have an absolute sector density lower than one burnt normally (after all, this was the initial purpose of gigarec), and thus all we had to do was to find the correct rate which would allow us to burn a CD with the same exact absolute density as the original one.
Infortunately, it does not quite work that way, if you make a BWA of such CDr you’ll have a bad surprise… I hope VSO has a workaround for this.

I don’t own any starforce game (and i refuse to buy one anyway 'till i can backup them), so all this is just a theory. Don’t take it for the truth…

To get right absolute density there are two important factors.
From one side if you burn (for example) 100 sectors physically shorter, i mean with thicker density, then those sectors will be read in shorter time than usually.
But from another side all those sectors are then physically closer to the cd’s center.
And you know, the closer to the center, the slower is reading speed by Constant Angular Velocity. It happens, because the torque at the beginning is slower than at end. I think, it will be very cpu intensive process to calculate both those factors. Who knows, may be there are more factors to calculate.
PS: the same happens, if you burn 100 sectors physically longer, sectors will be read in longer time and they are then physically farther from the cd’s center.

2 ZILLA ]NaH[: u tebja est’ bwa/mds ot igr so starforce? ja ih sobiraju, davaj na pm, esli chto.

Infortunately, it does not quite work that way, if you make a BWA of such CDr you’ll have a bad surprise… I hope VSO has a workaround for this.

Oops, just made a second test to make a screenshot, and this time it was as expected… (The first time, the line was like this : /—|__/—)
Forget about that.