Does Anyone At Slysoft Actually Read Contact Messages?



I have tried the trial version of AnyDvd and like it. Before I purchase however there is a question I would like answered, preferably by the vendor/software writer.

“I wish to install AnyDvd on a standalone PC which does NOT have Internet access. Would this pose a problem with registration etc?”

I have used the 'Support Form" twice in the past two weeks without getting a single reply. Not exactly encouraging to say the least. What if a problem occurs? Do we have to rely on forum members to give a technical answer? (I accept they would be most capable, but if I’m paying for a program, I’d like some form of support from the vendor).


Have you tried sending a message straight to Slysoft?


Yes - you have to use their support form for all contact. That’s what is so frustrating. They say they will not reply to incomplete forms so I made sure they were completed fully.
It worries me that if they are so lack with regard to queries, what is their technical support like?


Sorry, I misread your post. I thought you said “support forum”. Usually the support is very good, don’t know why you didn’t get an answer. Maybe James(Slysoft) will see this post and respond.


“I wish to install AnyDvd on a standalone PC which does NOT have Internet access. Would this pose a problem with registration etc?”[QUOTE]

I don’t see a problem not having internet access as long as you don’t live in a country where AnyDVD is illegal.

Obviously you need internet access to download the program, it is not sold on disks. Then buy the key that is emailed to you providing you live in a legitimate region. Save that key in several places, a floppy will do fine for easy access. Just install the software on the computer without internet access and install the key to register. First thing you do, is go to the programs tab and uncheck the box for “automatically check for new AnyDVD version”.

You are good to go. You will have to have internet access to get upgrades, just check their website periodically from a computer with internet access and download the program. Have your registration key file ready, you will need it.
No problem at all, rather easy.

AnyDVD and CloneDVD are some of the best programs you can buy for keeping upgrades available, sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time with your requests, I do hope I have answered your question.


Thanks for the replies strachan. Possibly the question is a stupid one, but I prefer to find the answers before I lay out money, not after!
I appreciate your interest.


itzbinnice - thanks for your reply. I had thought that there would be no problems, but as stated in my previous post, I like to know the answers before I pay!.
Downloading is no problem, I would use this PC. The reason I want AnyDvd on my other PC is that I’m currently backing up a fairly extensive library of DVD’s (and also transferring several VHS (PAL) to DVD) so am keeping that PC free just for those tasks alone (the VHS tapes can take 24 hours or more simply to convert and I can’t use that PC whilst that is taking place). All perfectly legitimate I might add.


See you are using PAL, what country are you in?




O.K., just wondering. With that recent court ruling over there, you shouldn’t have a problem buying it. It is illegal in a lot of countries.


Thanks strachan - er what ruling?


It has been posted in the news that one of your courts has ruled that is o.k. to backup DVD’s for personal use. Only a person in France can tell us if this is really true, though.


Gosh - I’m well behind the times. I’ll see if I can find out anything


Believe it or not I’ve just had an Email from Slysoft Customer Support regarding my original query!
Must confess this forum worked wonders.


Buying isn’t illegal in most countries. Owning and using isn’t as well. See


This was reported in MacUser News.

[CD/DVD drives]
Tuesday 26th April 2005
French court finds against DVD copy protection 6:15PM
A French court has ruled that copy-protected DVDs infringe consumers’ rights.

The Paris Court of Appeal decided that the Content Scrambling System prevents French consumers from exercising their fair usage rights. The case was brought by a person who wanted to make a VHS copy of a DVD for his mother to see, as she did not have a DVD player.

The court overturned an earlier ruling in favour of the defendants - Les Fils Alain Sarde and Studio Canal - who, it said, had also failed to properly notify customers that the discs were protected.

The companies have one month to remove the CSS from their DVDs and must pay damages. However they are expected to appeal. The ruling may also conflict with EU copyright laws, which allow for DRM systems.

It is a notable success for the consumer group UFC-Que Choisir, which backed the lawsuit. It recently lost an attempt to force Apple to open up the iTunes Music Store and iPod.
Simon Aughton


There are countries within the EU where for private use anybody can make a copy or even download a movie. Though there is a huge debate over this rule. The main argument of some Intellectual Property Organizations is that when you buy a blank DVD the price already includes the possible copyrights of the future content.


It must be nice to live in a country without such strict laws, Does anyone think the U.S. will ever relax their laws?


Alright Guys,

If we are all a part of the EU then if the product can be sold in one EU country then there is nothing stopping it being sold in another EU country. This was brought about because of the Cassis De Dijion Case case in the 1970’s (sorry i am an economist and had to learn about it)


It is a logicyl and good point. I can only agree. There should be one legal practice in this matter in the EU. And it has to take into account the generally accepted rule that a blank media already contains a fee for possible copyright content in the future.