Does AnyDVD work with DVDSHrink



Form what I can gather, AnyDVD runs in the background while programs like DVDDecryptor and other duplicatiuon programs rip DVD,s allowing the copy security in the disc to be bypassed. Is this correct?
If so, then does AnyDVD work with Shrink as well?

Can someone recommend a retail DVD with “tough” security so that I can play around with it myself?



Yes DVD Shrink works well with AnyDVD.

Don’t know what’s got tough protection 'cos I run AnyDVD with Shrink & CloneDVD2 & between them they just handle it.


freedomland seems to be the new “tough” one.

in the past, the fog r1, madagascar r1, lords of dogtown r1, mr. and mrs. smith (R2 versions) were all “difficult”

because dvd shrink is no longe rupdated you may run into a small glitch or two when you try to open a disc. the simple solution is to use the built in anydvd ripper and THEN process the ripped files in shrink. other than that issue on only a few titles, they work perfectly together.


also, i agree with TimC. I use anydvd and clonedvd2 and have never had a problem.