Does AnyDVD with CloneDVD Work Flawlessly?

I want to know if I purchase these 2 programs, will I have problems burning any dvds? Do these 2 programs burn every dvd? Has anyone had problems with this software???


I want to make sure that these 2 programs will be quicker and more consistent than dvd fab and dvd shrink before I spend the money.

The only problems I forsee are ones where the disc may be too damaged to copy…Other than that, I have never had a problem with these two programs when using quality media, reasonable burn rates, a firts rate burner, updated firmware, and not multitasking while burning…:slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your input, i use verbatim dvd+r’s, burner is lite-on, 8x, and my stupid computer always does the automatic logging off in the middle of the burn, can I disable that somehow? I haven’t been able to figure that out.

automatic logging off in the middle of a burn?

you need to be a lot more detailed with this.

logging off of what? the internet? your XP user id? do you mean it restarts itself?

anydvd and clonedvd have worked flawlessly for me since i started using them. every once in a great while they’ll meet their match, but when this happens there’s an update in usually less than 24 hours.

great programs with great support. I definitely recommend them

Its probably just the power save feature

right click the desktop --> properties --> screensaver --> (turn off screen saver) --> power save feature --> turn off monitor - never —> apply

I mean I have windows xp i think… There are 3 of us that use the computer so we all have our own desktop. All require passwords. After 10 minutes if the mouse isn’t hit it goes to the sign in screen and it gets on my nerves. I don’t want the computer to log me off unless I hit log off.

Also thanks for the input “haveacigar”. I will probably buy these programs when I get home and see if it works on “carlito’s way” I have tried all kinds of free software on that dvd and it simply will not burn. It decrypts fine but then when I go to dvd shrink to compress and burn it doesn’t work.

I was reading on this forum and saw somewhere that clonedvd can’t get past css protection and then I would have to use dvd shrink, have you had problems with clonedvd doing a dvd with css protection?

clonedvd doesnt get past the css encyption… thats what anydvd is for. Dont forget that the programs have a 21 day trial before you have to download it. Give it a go before you pay for it… you may decide backups are too much hassle…

yup, as haveacigar has already stated, clonedvd2 does not bypass ANY protection. anydvd does that part.

no need for dvd shrink. (although i still keep my copy of shrink hanging around for sentimental purposes ;)) and the help file of the programs themselves have a lot of the basic information you’ve been searching (about CSS, etc.) give those a read…you’ll learn a lot!

in regards to you being logged off of XP, do you have administrative privileges? if not, find the admin, and have them log in and change the multiuser settings.

i don’t know what the exact setting is but it’s something like “log user out if idle” or something similar to that…

this is probably in place for security purposes. i don’t know if you’re at an office or what, but i certainly wouldn’t leave myself logged in with the computer unattended in any type of work or school environment. it’s for your own safety!

if you’re at home then it’s probably more for privacy purposes…talk to the other users about changing the settings…they probably like it the way it is…that way other people can’t get into their email and whatnot if they forget to log out…

I believe it is the screen saver. There is a checkbox “on resume, display windows welcome screen” which might need unticking. :wink:
(Right click on the desktop, propertiers, screen saver)
Even better, set the screen saver an a much longer period. Or disable it at all.

ahh good call tru!

i’m a little rusty on those types of things since my computer is like a free for all at my apartment. I’m the only roommate that has a computer that is functional. it’s really a good thing I take care of my computer…the stuff i find on here sometimes…

I fixed the screensaver problem and downloaded clonedvd2 with anydvd and I am very pleased. This combination burned “carlito’s way” and that dvd was impossible to burn with every other freeware combination. I am very happy. I also use have a 50 inch rca television and I can’t see a difference in quality from the original. I cut out all previews in the beginning and all other language subtitles. Thanks for the help guys, this is a very helpful forum.