Does AnyDVD mess with game copy protection?



I have AnyDVD active all the time. I install and play a lot of games and have always installed games with AnyDVD running. I’ve noticed lately some problems starting some games. Is AnyDVD affecting the starting of any games because of any copy protection, especially Starforce?


It shouldn’t. If it does, it is the fault of the game. Return it.
As an alternative, you could try AnyDVD “SafeMode” as well.


So you’re saying when installing a game with AnyDVD running, that it doesn’t alter the games files in any way (meaning the game files on the hard drive are exactly the same as on the game disk)?


Yes, AnyDVD does absolutely nothing to Data CD/s or DVDs.


I had this problem with Myst V. The protection on the game’s DVD was dectecting AnyDVD as a copying program and not running. Safe mode didn’t help (It’s been a while and I’ve forgotten what I tried) so I ended up unistalling AnyDVD when I wanted to play the game. I play games more than I watch DVDs so it was only a minor pain.

I’m sure I had this problem with FEAR but I just started it up and it ran OK.


The first patch for FEAR removed the problem with AnyDVD.


I asked this because I have a problem with one game, ColdWar (Starforce protection). I have installed this game 5 times in a row and it refuses to play. Clicking on the game exe does nothing. At one time this game worked so I was trying to figure why I was now having this problem. I tried installing it with AnyDVD enabled and disabled, same result. I had one other game (Total Overdose) that also gave me problems but with some adjustments I could end up playing that one. It would start with a message about emulator detected (something like that) and not play. I disabled AnyDVD and got the same message. I then had to exit AnyDVD out of the system tray (even though it was already disabled) for the game to be able to play. With Cold War I get no messages at all, just does not start period. I recently bought Game Jackal. For anyone who doesn’t know what that program is, it creates a profile (not an image like Daemon Tools) for a game and allows to run it without CD/DVD in drive. It’s not a crack, have to have the legit game for this to work and Game Jackal will only run on the computer it’s registered to. I do not have Game Jackal running (only use it to play a game with profile or to create one). Dunno if this problem with Cold War is related to Game Jackal or AnyDVD or both. Having either one running or closed makes no difference.


Well, than the solution is pretty simple: Throw the damn game into face of the person who has sold it with the words “I want my money back”.


Well it worked at one time. I actually have played the whole game a couple of times (not a bad game). Then I don’t play it for awhile, got back in to play it again and have this problem (then un-install and re-install like 5 times in a row trying to get it to work). Now trying to figure out what is different on my computer from the time it worked and now. Trouble shooting can be a real bitch sometimes!


I would suggest, if your comp is powerful enough, to run gamez under VMWare or on a diff. partition. Disabling software doesn´t remove the registry entries/values. Therefore if your gamez.exe plus . looks for stuff on your comp, it will find it in the registry ! Another sugg. remove “rights” to certain registry entries, maybe this will work :).

Note: Above said counts only on Windooze systems.


No, cause it is your system, your time is wasted, and you are the customer who bought the game.
Punish the publisher who uses a silly protection. Write e-mails. Ask for a solution. Demand your money back, if the maker can’t help you.


Game Jackal is unable to run, solely by itself, with Starforce protected games. Obviously if you attempt to run a game from a Game Jackal profile, Game Jackal is, indeed, running in the background. More importantly, Game Jackal is targeted far more than Anydvd by copy protection schemes/companies.


Game Jackal is unable to run, solely by itself, with Starforce protected games. Obviously if you attempt to run a game from a Game Jackal profile, Game Jackal is, indeed, running in the background. More importantly, Game Jackal is targeted far more than Anydvd by copy protection schemes/companies.

I could not create a profile for Coldwar with Game Jackal in the first place cause Cold War will not run. I had Game Jackal off when trying to run the game. It’s the only game I cannot start and I have like 40 games on my PC. I was wondering if even having Game Jackal off if it was somehow still interfering with Cold War trying to start. I have not as yet un-installed Game Jackal to verify if that’s the problem.

Game Jackal will not currently make profiles for any Starforce protected games (nor do I think it’s ever going to be able to).


I was wondering if even having Game Jackal off if it was somehow still interfering with Cold War trying to start.

It’s entirely possible, given Securerom has targeted/blacklisted Game Jackal before. It seems reasonable to me that Starforce would as well.

I didn’t word my previous post properly. I meant, as you noted, Game Jackal will not run, at this time, Starforce protected games.


If that’s the case, it makes me wonder why I can play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory just fine (with Game Jackal also off) when it’s also a Starforce protected game.


F.E.A.R.'s Securerom protection, at one point, was targeting Game Jackal. Game Jackal was updated to defeat that version of Securerom. Cat and mouse game (and this applies to Starforce as well) . . .


By the way, I’m not stating with 100% certainty that Game Jackal is your issue–only that copy protections have targeted that program before.


Yeah, this is a weird one being one Starforce game will play and the other won’t. From what I gathered about Starforce, it apparently does not use different versions for different games. I say this because when un-installing Cold War, it asked if I want to also un-install Starforce. It said if I had other Starforce protected games to select no. I selected yes instead. Then when trying to play Splinter Cell, it checked for disk and then asked to reboot (to install Starforce again). So this makes me think whatever version of the latest starforce game is installed, that it just overwrites any other starforce versions so there ends up only being one.


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Could someone be kind and explain exactly what this entire thread has to do with the AnyDVD Software Program?

Is it not more appropriate for these types of discussions to be conducted in the CD Freaks CD & DVD Copy Protection Forum instead of the CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum?

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here is a possable solution if starforce is giving you a hardtime remove it with the starforce uninstaller found here

then find an unprotected copy of the games main exe (a no cd patch) here are a few such sights

i used to do this with X2 The Threat untill the developers made avalible a legitimat no cd patch now i just install x2 uninstall starforce and then replace the games main exe

also here are some things you might like to know about starforce which is why its not allowed on my system and why when a game install is i uninstall it and use a no cd patch using the uninstaller above

copied directly from a forum thread started by Jeff Jones

Hey all,

I wanted to start this thread to discuss this new, invasive, obnoxious copy protection scheme. For a primer see this thread on Soldiers of WW2 and this one on the D-Day demo.

THIS THREAD IS NOT MEANT TO SUBVERT OR WORKAROUND COPY PROTECTION, NOR IS MEANT TO BE A PRO-PIRACY DISCUSSION. The purpose here is to discuss the METHOD in which this scheme is administered, and what if anything we can do about it. PLEASE don’t let this turn into a typical piracy argument that will result in a locked thread.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Starforce is an extremely aggressive method of copy protection that actually works at the hardware level of your PC.

  • It installs device drivers WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE or CONSENT.

  • these device drivers are HIDDEN from normal view. They can be displayed by opening Device Manager, and clicking on “View” and then on “Show Hidden Devices”

  • Even DEMOS install Starforce! as if there could be ANY possible reason for copy protecting a DEMO.

  • Removal of the full game or demo that installed the drivers DOES NOT REMOVE THE STARFORCE DEVICE DRIVERS.

  • important: manual removal of the device drivers can result in severe system problems. Some users have reported having to fully format and reinstall their OS, others have reported that their CD drives no longer read certain CD’s after removal. DO NOT ATTEMPT MANUAL REMOVAL, instead, use the Starforce Remover located at my website. Note: I did not create this remover, I’m just hosting it.

  • as far as I know, there is NO MENTION of the Starforce drivers in the EULA’s of games that use it. If anyone knows different, please let us know.

I am considering (just considering at this point) starting a sort of grassroots campaign to boycott games and publishers who use starforce. To lift the boycott, I believe certain conditions must be met, including:

  1. FULL DISCLOSURE of the installation of Starforce drivers during the intial stages of the game install, and it should be clearly noted, and not buried in small print.

  2. when the game is uninstalled, it should give the option to also uninstall the Starforce drivers.

Personally, i’d like to see the fact that Starforce will be installed printed on the game box itself, to give the consumer the option to not buy it.

I am thinking about starting a webpage, something like … and list all this info, along with all games (and demos!) known to install it. I would post the games list in bold print on the front page, alphabetized, so you could find it easily.