Does anybody use Bartpe cd?



This is a great utility for anybody to use. Does anybody else use it? Its a bootable cd that runs like a operation system from the cd with programs.

I have made a few plugins for it myself and I was wondering if there are others out that uses this tool.

Give your input. Show what you know, come on and brag about what you can do.

We might be able to help others so they can use this tool too.


I use Win PE 2004…it’s very good, specially if my winxp installation is messed up. You can even add plugins, such as windows explorer or web browser :slight_smile:


of course, i’ve got a BartPE cd - made from my slipstreamed xp pro sp2 - cd…
works absolutely great, this is a magic tool for rescue data on damaged pc’s (that won’t boot any more from the hdd) - or for testing the hardware environment…
IMHO this is a “must-have” for everyone who does an administrator-job… :slight_smile:


If there is enough support for it here at cdfreak, do you think that they would let us make a forum and plugin session?
It is about cd/dvd


Most Administrators already use Winternal’s ERD Commander 2003. I’ve been using this software since the earlier days.

I guess Bat’s PE serves it’s purpose for the average person who seek a free alternative to software such as the ERD Commander.

I could never get the Nero 6 plugin to enable. Followed the instructions, copied the files and modified the penero.inf file but still keep getting the error file/files missing. *.prt.


I have worked with ERD and it is also a great piece of software. The only problem is that it cost if you are on a budget. While Bartpe is free, it does take a little work making the plugins work. I have gotton Nero 6 to work find and made a new winzip 9 SR1 plugin. It is always harder trying to find older versions of software, so I made a newer one.


To get Nero 6 plugin to work in BartPE follow the plugin instructions then:

  1. copy quartz.dll from system32 into the plugin
    ero burning rom\files directory, and
  2. remove the line ‘files*.prt=a,1’ from the file penero.inf.


There are 2 plugin for Nero. Sherpya’s has one that I use and it works fine for me. But thanks for the tip.


Thanks for sharing that information.
It was just what I required.

Removed the line files*.prt=a,1 from the penero.inf and it worked like a charm.

:bow: :bow: :bow:


I have been using bartPE since Bart started the project and it is unbeatable. Erd 2003 is good ERD 2003 as a plugin on the bartPE disk is even better. my current BartPE disk has about 600MB of programs on it. if I cant do it with this disk it cant be done.


Iv ask for CDfreaks to make a Bartpe thread and they said that they would think about. They dont know if there are enough user that want/need for CDFREAK to “support” it. I understand them, but it would be nice if there were others that ask for it too.


I downloaded most of the stuff and built the folder structure but never got around to burn the thing. I do however have barts corporate mod boot cd working and it can do most things I need. (Mod boot was the free way to go before Bart Pe)