Does anybody still use Audio Catalyst?

I cut my teeth ripping audio cd’s using this tool, and dumping them to MP3’s. Loved it’s easy interface and was lucky enough to have compatible drives.

Lately I find it has trouble with “protected CD’s”, but loved it’s ease of use. Loved the quality of the end files too…:slight_smile:

Should I dump this product, it’s been my loyal friend for years now…suggestions…ideas??

I am still using it, along side EAC, depending on my mood :wink:

If you think its time you used something else i highly recommend EAC with the LAME encoder.

Been using this product since my first mitsumi 2x cdr…kinda gotten to be friends with it even when it does’nt play nice…:slight_smile:

Nice to know I’m not alone here.

Will try EAC…read bits about it here on the site…will give it a try, see how it fairs. Granted from what I read, I made a bad purchase my last CDR…philips 2412a…but to be honest…it’s made great burns for me, but it does get very confused by software.

Thats my fault though…my win98se OS is so hosed by patches and trials…C: really needs an fdisk at this point…:slight_smile:

Thank you for your time…