Does Anybody Know how to?--

Does Anybody Know how to off the orginal frimware that’s physically on a brand new machine? I have not burned or programmed eproms in around 20 years. Does anybody have any suggestions?

You see, before installing 091 this unit has one level of green tint and after it has a lower level. Is there a known location in firmware which effects picture tint? 

Some people have suggested that heat is to blame for tint and contrast(fog) problem-while others have said that IT'S LIKE THE LUCK OF THE DRAW --A RANDOM OCCURANCE of bad chips. Well I've personally looked at several different machines of various different build dates purchased from different stores and the level of green tint there may be different but it is still there.

I would be careful here in the UK of late I have noticed green tints appearing (which was put down to this recorder ) but found to be from the source as much as anything- went down to the local retailer which had the model on display just to see if it was exhibiting the green tint and the one on display had hardly any difference to the half a dozen tellys around the store ( and no it wasn’t feeding any of them since the display banner was up ).

The only thing I can say on the matter is the ones that don’t throughput RGB signals based on the 8600 chip from the 5001 family, not the newer 8602 chip in newer 5005s and 5002s and 5006s seem to give a better signal and less tint.

so that may be anouther source of interest maybe the firmware for the LVW5005 is a slightly modified 5001 firmware yet the chip may have a slightly different method of capturing the signal.

Having said that once you can get to the base firmware you could flash a 5001 into a 5005 likewise with the 5006 and 5002

one final point I have read somewhere that if the Sync signal is sent out on a colour it is usually the green channel, any telly which has a problem with the Sync on the green can produce the green tint, but the 5005 records the green tint as well ( try viewing the disks on anouther player so it is having problems with the source )

I am hoping some boffin at Liteon will crack the Green case and give us 3hr mode legit.

My 5005 (Oct’04, hacked 0098, 3hr MV free) has the green prob but only in low light-type shows like BBC America Monday night mysteries or the new BSG, in bright light shows like sitcoms and kid shows it looks perfectly normal. Mine also doesn’t record the green. I have three other dvd players and regardelss of what is recorded, none of the others show the green. Just an fyi.