Does anybody know anything about a new version of PTPXL?

About any futher updates for PTPXL that fix the bugs (file verify etc.)?

I’ve never heard any rumours concerning any release of PT. So you’re probably best informed if you contact Plextor support directly. You have my full support for giving them ‘A friendly rap on the head’ as a reminder :wink:

Apart from that, there have been instances where newer versions have been delayed on purpose, because they would have provided information on future products. For example PTP 2.33 and 2.34 were not released and 2.35 was only released once the Premium2 had been announced. This, apparently, because PTP 2.33 and up would have given away the coming AMQR support. So a current delay could be caused bye Plextor JP being busy getting the new drives ready and they are close to a release.

Also, with reduced resources further development and releases are probably timed with the needed adding of new drives to the code. In Europe the PX-800 is scheduled to go on sale from the end of March. If it’s bundled with the newest version (in it’s LE form) will probably see an update by then.

PS: I took the liberty to make the Title of the thread more meaningful.

I was afraid so. Time to look for another good manufacturer.