Does anybody here remember vera lynn?





Remember how she said that “We would meet again, some sunny day”…



nope, rings a bell but cant remember from where and cant be bothered to google it, lol.


My mother can, but she’s not here on the forum…:bigsmile:

As for me…before my time!


Well before my time to, but i did a search and she was a singer during World War 2, and sang to the troops here in the UK and in Europe during the war.


did done a search :bigsmile:


yep, theres a great pink floyd song about her too :slight_smile:


Yes she lives in Ditchling sussex not far from me.

Subject of a song on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and in the movie of the same. Refers to the 1942 "We'll Meet Again".

She was awarded the OBE in 1969 and created a Dame of the British Empire in 1975.

Released a comeback single in the 70s called "Don't You Remember When" which was written and produced by Lynsey De Paul.

Had a radio show during the war for the BBC titled 'Sincerely Yours' where she sang requests in the form of a letter to troops overseas, visited their wives and visited the troops abroad in Burma.

Bestselling autobiography 'Vocal Refrain' and bestselling war memoirs 'We'll meet again'

Husband Harry Lewis was a musician in the Ambrose orchestra where Vera was a singer.

Retired in 1995 after singing outside Buckingham Palace at the 50th V.E. Day celebrations. She often appears at war shows and made a surprise appearance at the 60th V.E Day show in London (2005).

Left school at 14 to work in a factory, after working a few weeks in the factory she decided to return to singing in clubs

A regular guest on Tallulah Bankhead radio show 'The big show'

Brother: Roger

Daughter: Virginia Penelope Ann Lewis, born 10th March 1945

Had a hugely successful music career. Which included being the first British female to top the American Billboard charts with "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" in 1952. That same year she had 3 top ten hits in the first ever official UK Singles chart on November 14th 1952. In 1957 she topped the UK Singles chart with "My Son, My Son" which featured the Frank Weir Orchestra.


And her song is played into Kubrick’s movie Dr. Strangelove (hence my pic). :slight_smile:




"Vera! Vera! What has become of you?!

Does anybody else in here
Feel the way I do ?"


Not heard of


Why do you ask ??


I think it might be because he was listening to the Pink Floyd track earlier?


My parents had a 78rpm record of the song “Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart” sung by Vera Lynn.


My thoughts exactly.


arachnes right… i was listening to vera when i posted this


Also before my time.


Well i like Vera! And may i say that the forties were a long long time before my time too as i’m only just 18. Her songs boosted the morale for all our grandfathers and greatgrandfathers who were fighting in WW2. I also recieved a letter back when i wrote to her recently which made my day. She really is remarkable and she’ll be 90 in march 2007! As fit as the Queen Mother another firm favourite! Anyhow anybdy who at that age can walk in heels gets my vote! But if Britain hasn’t heard of her then what are we coming to. And whoever cant be bothered to look her up on google well what would have happened if our generations past hadn’t been bothered to fight for us in her time! We’d be talking German! However she did have Nazi fans too! Remarkable lady and i really hope to meet her sometime!


Oh and she was also named personality of the 20th century in 2000!


Wait a minute… you’re actually typing that if we can’t be bothered to search for Vera on Google we are a bunch of Nazi’s?

However she did have Nazi fans too! Remarkable lady and i really hope to meet her sometime!
I’d like to meet you and cure your short-sightedness and hypocrite patriotism.