Does anybody have ND-6650A in his Toshiba laptop?




I’m going to buy DVD NEC ND-6650A for my notebook Toshiba model M35X-S349,
old drive (Matshita DVD - RAM UJ - 820S) stopped reading CDs/DVDs, it reads 1/10CD’s.
Does anybody have this drive (6650A) in his toshiba laptop.
I found worrying information at,
there is some table where “Toshiba M35-S359 is non compatible” - I suppose, because
I’m very weak in German.



Hi Robert,

for the 6650 there’s a lot of information in the thread ‘Reverse ATA tool for ND 6750 (noob)’. If you read this thread, you’ll know what to do to make your new drive work with most of the Toshibas. The tools and firmwares you’ll need, you shall find in the relevant section at .
I (also Newbie) just got the ND7750, for which they don’t have these tools yet… and I wish I had ordered the ND6650 instead.

The worrying information for you using the M35 :doh: is the compatibility talble which is supplied in the article you refer to! It clearly says ‘Toshiba M35-S359 --> NOT compatible’. So, after the problems I even face with a compatible configuration (after two days it’s still not over…) I’d seriously recommend you to use your money-back-guarantee if you have one :sad: and choose another drive.

Hope the info can save you from a lot of trouble :frowning: . Being German myself, I can help you with partial translation from the article, if it really helps you. Let me know.



I bought the ND6570A for my Tosihba p15 s479…
it was ste to master from the factory, so no mods were needed…

Just plug and play…


This drive came with my Fujitsu/Siemens AmiloA 1667G laptop, it burns well at x4 but I get lots of PIEs at higher speeds. As a result I only use x4 speed with all media, time difference is minimal (it only reaches x6 or x8 towards the end of the burn anyway) and I do get quality scans of 96 to 98 with most media at x4, so for me that’s the burning speed to use.


I have a Toshiba M35X-S311. I purchased the ND6650A from newegg, installed it and it worked perfectly right off the bat. The computer has burned at least 40 movies with perfect results.