Does anybody have any reviews on the Sony DRX830UL-T External Drive

Does anybody have any reviews on the Sony DRX830UL-T External Multi-Format DVD Burner? I have a wal-mart gift card and my liteon just took a **** on me so i’m thinking of staying away from them…what do you all think? Thanks!! Or does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions on which burner to buy from Money doesn’t really matter…

Oh, and it needs to be an external DVD Burner. I use it for making movies, cd’s, etc.

That SONY maybe a rebadged LiteOn or NEC

Here’s the link to the page:

Is that bad?

No, it should be fine :iagree:

The Sony DRX830 is a Samsung drive. :wink:

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Saw that. Thanks, and sorry about putting that in the wrong place. I just keep buying the wrong burner and I want one that will work for at least a year. :slight_smile:

No problem moving the posts. The Sony external drive is a pretty overpriced drive, for what it is.

You really have to way up what you want. The LiteOn is a good all rounder with lots of tools and the ability to do fairly reliable quality scanning. They are generally reliable but you have to expect the odd failure. I hear of drives dying all the time and from all the manufacturers. I guess for the price and the volumes that they have to make them in these days, this has to be expected.

Yah, I just want an overall good burner. Something quick, reliable, etc. What I do the most is making movies and converting xvid avi’s to dvd. Since the IPOD came out, I haven’t needed to make a cd, :slight_smile:

I have been going through burners about every 6-8 months.