Does anybody has an HP DVD Writer in this forum?

I would like to hear some opinions on HP’s DVD burners (HP-300i or HP-300e, specifically), in terms of reliability and burning capabilities and effectiveness. Everybody seems to write only about Plextors and Lite-Ons:a

Well i’ve only had the 300i for a week courtesy of a nice pricematch at stapes $99 canadian :slight_smile: But so far it has worked just fine. Its just an NEC-1100a.

Funny thing is with the booksetting set to dvd-rom (which should make it more compatible), dvd+rw’s dont work in my dvd player. Works just fine if its set to a normal dvd+rw.

Thanks, weird thing I was also considering the NEC-1100A without knowing it was the same HP-300i. Is there a place where I can find which DVD burners are rebadged ones?:slight_smile:

Use a HP300i (u) at work,very good
Roxio 6

I have a HP 300i too. Works great. The only down side is the slow CD-R writing speed.

Is it good at making backups of movies?:rolleyes: