Does any1 prefer older version of nero compared to newer ones?

I was wondering if anbody prefers using the older neros in comparison to the newer versions?
i was using, but i frequently got errors so i decided to go back to, which was supplied for my burner. is this a good idea? has this happened to anyone else?

Many many people prefer older versions of Nero, for various reasons.

Yes, it is a good idea to revert to an earlier version when it seems that a newer version has certain issues.

Yes, this has happened to many.

My advice on upgrading Nero this: If your Nero came bundled with a cdrw drive, then go to the web site of the cdrw maker and see if they provide an update to Nero from there. Not that it will be an assurance of a bug-free Nero, but the odds are more in your favor (in my opinion).

Example: I have a TDK that is actually a Liteon; Nero came bundled 5590, but they offer the 5596 and 5599 upgrade at their website. Haven’t upgraded since I see no real need to at the moment, but I will do so at some point.

i’ve never had problems with nero & ezcd.

i always use the latest versions. no probs for me.

imho version was the last stable version of nero released. i won’t have it on my system anymore since one of the 5.5 versions trashed my hard drive. i’ve never had any probs with ezcd cremator but i’m testing burnatonce and if my findings so far hold up i’ll use it for mastering instead of ezcd. i never liked nero anyway and ezcd is way to bloated.

Originally posted by netman
i won’t have it on my system anymore since one of the 5.5 versions trashed my hard drive.

Hi netman,

When you say “trashed my hard drive”, are you saying it physically destroyed so that you had to buy a new one?

Or, are you saying that it created such a problem with your operating system that most of your programs worked improperly and this forced you to start from scratch?

no physical destruction, it just screwed up my os and all of my burning apps. i recovered the os install but it took a lot of work. i had to reinstall all of the burning apps, except for nero.

btw, i’m liking this burnatonce more and more. anyone who hasn’t tried it should download a copy and go for it.

I personally use

It’s stable, and I couldn’t be bothered downloading the latest version of nero everytime they release.
The majority of releases are bug fixes concerning particular cd writers (never mine), or just recorder list updates.

My Litey 48246s is already supported, and works fine, and the program is stable why update, and risk registry/file corruption, new bugs, etc?