Does any media work for any burners?

Does all DVD+R andDVD-R media work for all DVD burners, specifically the NEC 3550A.

No, its not, but if you have an nec 3550a, your safe, the only media it doesnt support is dvd-ram (and of course hd-dvd and blu-ray… but who would want to spend £15 on a disk?) :wink: more details

Some burners “prefer” different media…my LGs hate Prodisc, but my LiteOns love them, for example.

Does it work with DVD+R DL?

DVD +R: 16x max.
DVD-R: 16x max.
DVD +RW: 8x max.
DVD-RW: 6x max.
[B]DVD +R9: 8x max.[/B]
DVD-R DL: 6x
CD-R: 48x max.
CD-RW: 32x max.

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As for the original question, I kinda got confused…I didn’t realise it was about media formats. :wink:

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Only a handful of media will be fully compatible, with good to excellent results, with almost any burner/firmware combination. Notably TYG02, YUDEN00T02, MCC003, RICOHJPNR01, RITEK G04 (but G04 is not recommended because of possible fast degradation issues). With reasonably recent firmwares, also MCC004.

For the vast majority of other media, it will depend a lot on the burner/firmware.
Notably many CMC MIDs, that will burn nicely in some burners and produce only coasters in some other burners.

Yeah… ritek is poo… i avoid ritek at all costs :wink:

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I’m missing one disc here. THE dual layer disc
Incase of DUAL layer allways MKM001 (verbatim/Mitsubishi) will work.
Actually for quite some burners it is the only reliable dual layer disc.

And with work I do suggest burning it at rated speed not at the speed that the drive allows you to which might be to fast resulting in a burn that can be problematic to read on some drives.