Does Ambient Noise Affect Burn Quality?

I have a dual processor system with some large and somewhat noisy CPU fans. Would this noise affect the burn quality?

Really no!

The reason I was asking is because I have a DRW-3S163 that’s not burning well and in the specifications it states:

VAS (Vibration Absorber System) system reduce vibration and noise during recording and reading

So that is just to make the drive more quiet during burning, and not to make the drive more quiet so it burns better?

The anti-vibration system most probably just helps to reduce drive noise. Writing quality should not be affected by ambient noise.

Thank you both for your expertise. I was planning on buying silent CPU fans just to check.


If your power supply isn’t very good, any extra source of electrical noise may affect the burns. In LG forum we have a plenty of cases of 4167B drives with incompatibilities with “weak” power supply.