Does alkaline battery chargers work?

Just bought a cheap controller for my PS3, it goes through batteries quick. I’m wondering if any of the alkaline battery chargers actually work. It seems like they are all pretty much the same. But do they actually work? Thanks.

While it is technically possible to recharge alkaline batteries, virtually all alkaline batteries are not designed for re-use so might be worn out fast anyway.

You might wish to try whether the controller works with Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeables. This can be found everywhere.

Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeables would work better alkalines would not hold a recharge for very long.

I had an alkaline battery recharger some years ago, but I didn’t use it for very long. You cannot recharge the alkaline batteries if you fully decharge them, so you have to use a little, then recharge, then use a little more, recharge, and so on. This becomes tedious and using real rechargeable NiMH batteries are much preferrable.

So the alkaline chargers kinda work, but they’re not worth the effort in my opinion.

How many times can alkaline batteries be charged before it’s completely dead? Some chargers claim 80 times, but I have a feelling that’s exagerated. Thanks.

I never collected statistics, but sometimes the battery can fail to recharge even the first time, so it’s not a dependable solution as far as I’m concerned.

I’d go with the Nickel-metal hydride’s I’ve had good luck with them(energizer) they keep going ,going

I read somewhere that pre-charged batteries are more reliable than regular NiMH ones. These can retain charge for a longer time (after 1 year they still have 80% of charge) and are more efficient.

Of course, these are also more costly :doh:

Thanks for the replies. I guess it’s not worth it then.

I would seriously avoid the Alkaline battery route for recharging. Even with chargers specifically designed to recharge alkaline batteries, these batteries are very prone to leaking and will cost you a lot more in the long run, either on replacing the Alkaline batteries or the dealing with leakage. Also, don’t attempt to recharge alkaline batteries in an Ni-MH charger, as these will most likely leak in the charger, ruining the charger and causing a mess if the leakage spills out.

The best rechargeable batteries from my experience are the precharged Ni-MHs. I know these batteries may sound daft, as some people will falsely assume these batteries are more expensive because they are sold with a full charge. What makes these batteries special is that they don’t self-discharge like regular Ni-MH’s do, so while their capacity is lower, they will outlast regular Ni-MHs and even Alkaline batteries in most battery operated items per charge.

Unless you need the batteries charged in a hurry, I suggest going for a basic overnight slow Ni-MH charger. Avoid those 1 hour, 30 minute, etc. chargers, as they usually cook the batteries or don’t fully charge them. The 2 to 5 hour chargers are usually OK, but sometimes cut off the charge cycle early, i.e. not filling the batteries to capacity. An overnight charger with a <200ma rating will usually take 10 to 15 hours and will generally give the batteries a full charge. These chargers cost very little, e.g. <€10. Just remember to set a reminder (e.g. on your phone) to switch it off the following day. :slight_smile:

There are special rechargeable alkaline cells available that do recharge reasonably well - but still not as well as NiCd and NiMH cells. They are only really useful in devices that expect 1.5 volts from a cell. (NiCd and NiMH only give 1.2.)

The Panasonic ENELOOP-style NiMH cells are the best bet for lower use devices. They hold their charge over many months.

If you run through a set of batteries in a few days or less, standard NiMH cells will probably be your best bet. But if they sit any length of time, the ENELOOP style will be your best choice.

As mentioned above, the pre-charged rechargeables (as long as they’re not alkaline) are good - they are this ENELOOP style that I’ve mentioned. Mine are by Duracell; ENELOOPs are the original.

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2569618]So the alkaline chargers kinda work, but they’re not worth the effort in my opinion.[/QUOTE]

I had a Buddy L alkaline battery charger many years ago and I agree with you completely. Recharging alkaline batteries is too tedious, IMO. Especially when there are low self discharge NiMH batteries nowadays.