Does Alcohol 120% Go Beyond Call of Duty?

I made an image of Diablo II:Lord of Destruction using Alcohol’s .MDS image format. When I made the image I assumed it would have used the same copy protection as Diablo II so I selected the datatype as “SecurRom NEW”. I mounted the image and it installed and played without any problems. When I went back to actually check the protection method used ClonyXXL reported it as being “SecurRom new 4.x/5.x”. So my question is, Are “SecurRom NEW” and “SecurRom NEW 4.x/5.x” the exact same datatype?
Another question I have about Alcohol software is whether or not it performs any kind of verification on the datatype the user selects. For example, If I tried to copy Diablo II:Lord of Destruction using datatype: normal cd, would alcohol just take my word for it, or would it do a check on its own and burn using the correct datatype? Thanks for any comments on this subject.

SecuRom 4.82 upwards is classed by ClonyXXL as NEW

Alcohol does what you tell it to.