Does Acronis create DVD files too big for DVDs?

First, some specs:
>> My burning s/w: NTI CD&DVD Maker
>> My burner: ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 w/firmware G7Z9 housed in a USB 2.0 connected enclosure I bought
>> OS: XP SP3 w/all updates

My issue
I use Acronis True Image to ghost my hard drive. It includes an option to split my HD backup image file into multiple smaller files each of which is supposed to fit on DVD. Yet when I drag one of these files to NTI (so I can burn it) NTI says the file is too big for the DVD device.

Using XP I see these file sizes:
>> With Windows Explorer
===> Size: 4,550,820KB
>> But right click the file Properties says
===> Size: 4.33GB (4,660,039,168 byes)
===> Size on disk: 4.33GB (4,660,039,680)


  1. I understand why size vs. Size on disk are different number but why does Explorer and file properties differ on size?
  2. And is this file REALLY too big for DVD?? After Acronis splits it to fit on DVD?

Thanks for any info on “what’s up with all this?”!

I believe the explorer also adds a few bytes that are necessary for the file management on the media itself…

4.38 GB is the max filesize you can burn on a DVD5 without overburning…
Ca. 4489 mb on a DVD-R, ca. 4482 mb on a DVD+R.

You should set Acronis to split files with a maximum size less than 2 GB; I use a size of 1450 MB which lets me put 3 files on one DVD with room to spare for the Acronis software itself.

Alternatively you can create the backup directly to DVD (if the DVD burner is attached to the same computer) and the sizes will be adjusted automatically.