Does AACS certificate revocation affect UHD-friendly drives?

While back I read an article about drives being bricked due to revoked key lists on Blu-Ray discs, and seem to recall that unless the decryption software used has been updated to support the newest discs there’s the potential for the revoked key list to be hard written to the drive itself rendering it incapable of reading the keys on that list again.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is still an issue for decrypting the latest Blu-Ray discs, but wondered whether this affects UHD Blu-Rays read by UHD-friendly drives at all.

From what I’m aware these drives lack an AACS 2.0 cert but do have a AACS 1.0 cert, though it’s really the BDXL reading capability that allows for the reading of such UHD discs (or something along those lines, feel free to clarify).

Basically asking whether there will be any potential risk in inserting as-yet undecrypted titles in the future to such drives due to such revocation lists or whether they won’t ever be affected by this. I know currently there doesn’t seem to be a problem as users are happily accessing new titles, but wondered about potential future issues.