Does A09XL have riplock?

My A09XL should be arriving tomorrow. I know the 109 can be flashed to remove riplock. Is riplock removed on the A09XL right out of the box? Or do I still need to update the firmware to a certain version?

Riplock is removed right out of the box on the A09.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I have an old 106, can riplock be removed from the 106 as well? If so, how?

Use this firmware for your 106:

But you have to use DVRFlash for flashing your drive:

Thanks for the info!

works on the 109 too. I have a converted A09XL from a 109oem

that is the really good thing about the 109. The hardware is identical where as with the 108 you could not flash an A08 firmware onto the drive due to hardware differnces. Let us hope the same is with the newly arriving 110!

Not true, 108 will flash to XL version. Hardware differences are a myth…

oh really well then I guess things changed. At first it was recommended not to flash the 108 to A08.

Yeah, 107 will flash to XL as well. Things are not always as they seem…

@gundie - be sure and get the Quiet Drive Utility from the Pioneer web site. This will allow you to access features of the XL drive.

sorry ask a stupid question, wat is riplock?

Rip lock is a feature where the drive is prevented from ripping over 5x speed by the firmware. If riplock is not there then it can rip to a max of 12x.

And you will get nothing from it than the use of the Quiet-drive Utility and maybe a dead drive - a good doorstep.
And BTW, any possible Bitsetting capabilities are also gone then.

No more door stops!

Flashed my 106 with the new FW, rip time dropped from the usual ~45min to 10-12min! :bow: :bow: :bow:

My A09 just arrived today, time to do more ripping! :iagree:

Have fun :iagree: