Does a uv cold cathode tube affect media?



i was wondering if uv cold cathodes affected recordeable dvd’s and cd’s.

or is the uv given off by them of the wrong wave length?


to clarify i was talking about uv cold cathode tubes used to illuminate the inside of a pc case. i was wondering if these could affect the dyes of recordable discs.


Well, UV rays are very bad for recordable media. They destroy the organic dyes used for recording.


Quote by Francksoy: “If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for your discs.”

If you really, really, really want to use those tubes, you should use RW and DVD-RAM discs, since they are not using organic dyes, but phase-change materials.
As far as I know, Blu-Ray recordables are going to use anorganic dyes too.