Does a GCE-8320B overclocked to GCE-8400B WRITE IN P-CAV? Im not sure

Hi. I’ve just updated my LG-GCE 8320B to the GCE-8400B(P-CAV) The problem is that im not very sure that it writes in P-CAV MODE so i need the opinion of someone experimented that has test it.


PS: I thought the writing mode depended on THE HARDWARE instead of a firmware version but nowdays a lot of things are possible…

Use Nero CD-Speed. You should then see, that your writer writes 20x-40x P-CAV.

Mine generally gets only to 32x on most media, but there was one time that it actually got to ~42x before reducing to 32x at the very end (32.41x average speed in the end after all). But it IS P-CAV.

Thanks. About the recording speed, HAVE YOU TRIED CDs CERTIFIED at 40X?? I have read in cdrlabs that fuji and verbatim 40x works very well…

I’ve used memorex 40x media and my average speed is 33.41x and at the end it is writing at 40x constantly (for a good 20% of the burn).

With fuji 24x media it does about 36.23 and for about 35% of the burn it is constantly writing at 40x. The fuji is really good stuff.