Does a external DVD burner plug right in?

I need to buy an external DVD burner. Mine that came with the computer does not work.

I have 2 USB ports in the back and one is being used. So would I need one that is USB compatible? Do I plug it into the back of my computer and set it on my desk and leave it plugged in? Does it affect my computer at all or is the hard drive all on it’s own?

I am tired of messing with CD-R’s…argh. I need lots of storage for my photo’s

As long as your PC is fairly recent and supports USB2, yep just plug it into your USB port and away you go.

I have a couple of externals. One of them’s an enclosure that I can pop any IDE drive into, unplugged at the moment, the other is an external LG DVD-RW drive, which I just leave plugged in.

Doesn’t affect anything. :slight_smile:

As long as it does NOT have electricity turned on with will not show up in My Computer. Turn it on and bingo it’s on.

^ My LG’s always on, no “Off” switch LOL. There’s a switch on my enclosure though. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Arachne;1941807]^ My LG’s always on, no “Off” switch LOL. There’s a switch on my enclosure though. :)[/QUOTE]yes on the enclosure. I just leave my boxes turned off and plugged into my pc. Turn the box on and go.

why wouldnt one just replace the CD writer thats bad in her computer with a quality Dvd writer ? The internal are usually more cost effective then a external (backpack). or at least pull the cable and power connector ? STEVE

think… outside or inside THE BOX?

but the wife here loves to edit her pics with the lightscribe and it was only 55 dollars!!!

Hey, I didn’t think about that! But that would mean convincing the hubby that it’s broke. I can’t burn a DVD on all 3 of our computers. So he thinks it’s me and not the DVD burner.

Most got two I/O connectivity, Firewire and USB2 so if you have firewire you can use that too. I would prefer to plug it direct to the PC rather than onto a hub if you can avoid.