Does a DVD-RW always have to be erase/format before its first burnt?



Hi, All

I bought two Traxdata 2x DVD-RW discs few days ago for backing up my data. I burnt one using NEC ND3520A and Nero straight away without erasing or formatting it. Anyway, everything was ok. The data was burnt and readable.

However, when I tried to erase it, Nero always said it was an illegal disc and did not allow me to erase it in anyway. Everytime I tried, the data were always there. Reboot, update Nero to the newest, even tried DVDInfoPro still not worked. One thing found is, some information of the disc under DVDInfoPro disc info, such as manufacture and defined speed, are missed. However, the disc still readable.

I did suspect that could be by the drive. In order to ensure it, I opened the other DVD-RW disc and had a go. This time, I used DVDInfoPro to look the info, it showed that it was a RiTEKW01, 2x speed… everything was there. Then, I fully formatted this disc using DVDInfoPro, which took me a while to finish it.

After that, I did the first burnt on the new disc and erased the disk after the first successful burnt. Nothing wrong on this disc at all.

Now, questions:

  1. Has the first DVD-RW gone? Is there somehow to erase it and reuse it? What’s wrong on it, if anybody knows.

  2. I am really confused. Not a word on the bland disc case says the new DVD-RW should be fully erased before its first burn. Yet they seem to be very different in results, if the both DVD-RWs were in the same quality. I wonder if anybody get better knowledge on this issue can give me more idea.

  3. Is that possible to damage a DVD-RW by overburning it (available option in Nero)?




DVD-/+RW media can be used straight out of the box for general burning. You should only need to format it for packet writing with InCD, Instant Write etc.

I have always treated CDRW and DVDRW exactly the same as CDR and DVDR for normal burning, and always managed to erase them afterwards with no problems.

Some CDRW can be overburned by about one, maybe two extra minutes, but DVDRW is unlikely to survive any overburning attempt. I remember testing an 80 minute CDRW a few years ago, and overburned it to 83 minutes and a few seconds, and could never erase it afterwards, so DVDRW may well behave the same.


Thanks a lot. I got more idea now. I don’t think that disc was overburnt, as the explorer disc property recognises the used space is 4,598,038,528 bytes, or 4.28GB, which seems not to be overburnt (not sure…). However, I am pretty sure that the Nero DVD overburnt option was on when I did the first burnt. And the disc can never be erased now. I will seek chance if I could do that on the other machine.

When I burnt the second DVD-RW disc, the overburn option has already been ticked off. So overburn could be the problem, if the Nero overburn option attempt to overwrite the space, which was originally storing some technical information for RW, to get more spece…

Now I am going to tick off both CD and DVD overburn, although not 100% sure that was by overburn.




Now, an interesting thing happens. I just have tried to erase that “overburnt damage” DVD-RW disc on a Freecom external DVD writer, which should be NEC ND-2500A inside. The writer successfully erased the disc and restore the missed information, using the same software, Nero

Also, I have got three unblanded 2x DVD-RW discs. All cannot erased or burnt on my NEC ND-3520 because of “Power Calibration Error!”, reported by Nero. However, the Freecom-NEC ND-2500A can deal with them all.

Now I start to worry about my NEC ND-3520… What’s going on??


Follow the last few replies, I have got

  1. a Traxdata 2x DVD-RW disc, reported Illegal Disc" by by Nero with NEC ND-3520A.

  2. an unblanded 2x DVD-RW disc, reported “Power calibration error” by Nero with NEC ND-3520A.

I have tried to fixed them using DVDInfoPro with the same machine but not successful at all.

This afternoon, I borrowed an Freecom-NEC ND2500A external DVD writer and tried to erase the both discs. What interesting is the both discs erasable, with Nero or DVDInfoPro. Then, I fully erased the two problem disc using DVDInfoPro (really took me a long time), just like nothing happened.

I now test the both RW discs on the NEC ND-3520A again. Both erasable and working perfectly. Now, I am really confused about what going on!!

I would test them more and tell you the results, if I find some thing more.


You could try Alcohol 120%'s wiping tool. It has an option to “Ignore illegal TOC”. Just a thort :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks a lot. I have try to get a copy and have a go.

Now I start to think about, how those discs get “power calibration error” and “illegal disc” error?! Is that probably because I set something wrong on Nero? or I terminate burning by click “abort” with Nero? or overburning?


Right. I tried to burn the DVD-RW using the multi-session in Nero, NEC-ND3520A DVD writer. For the first session, it was successfully burnt. But it never successful to burnt next session. Also, the disk become a “problemed” disc under Nero itself.

The message was “Power Calibration Error!”. This disc was successfully rescued by DVDInfoPro with the same writer. After this, Nero can burn the disc again.

So, I am 80% confidently sure that everything is by Nero with multi-session. It seems not a well-accepted format. Don’t know why Nero has this option!


I have the exact same problem with the NEC 3520A and TDK DVD-RWs. Starts to erase it then just spits out the disk.

I burnt a 700MB film to one of them now i can’t erase in Nero or Alcohol even using the ‘ignore TOC’ option. This sucks.

The film file is still recognized and plays fine. I don’t remember whether overburn was activated in Nero but as it wasn’t overburned I don’t think this should be an issue.
What’s the solution here?


NEED HELP! TRIED BUT FAILED TO COPY A DVD-R MINI DISC ONTO A DVD-R DISC – SEVERAL TIMES. Each time error message says, after about 3 minutes of burning, something was wrong and I needed to put in a black disc into the burner. I have already wasted 4 discs that way. I know there’s nothing wrong with the D drive with the brand new laptop and the burner which is also brand new and have burned other DVD+ discs. I wonder whether I need to format or do something before burning. I am using a Roxio come with the laptop software. help!! and Appreciate your comments. thanks