Does a computer upconvert?



I’m looking at getting my first hdtv and was wondering, does a computer automatically upconvert resolution to that of the display? I can only afford a very cheap lcd, and the one I’m looking at is suposed to have terrible up conversion, but passable hdtv. I have htpc computers in both rooms so that is what would be feeding the tv, where ever I decide to put it. I have an ati built x1300 pro (works fine), a power color hd 2600 pro (new never uses, I assume it works fine), and an HIS 2600 xt (it has issues, puts the screen to the tv through the svideo in black and white, but video goes through in color, not sure what elese is wrong with it).

Will the video card basically upconvert played dvd’s/dvd rips or avi’s to high def since its going to an hdtv? All cards have dvi out, so I guess I would need an hdmi adapter.


You video card will output upto the highest resolution that your TV advertises that it supports - this may be 1080i. You need to set the PC’s video resolution to the real resolution of the TV.

After that, all software output in full screen will stretch the video to the size of the frame (depending on post processing settings). Some player software will output the original video size with a huge black border, but it’s obvious, and very quick to fix - just set to “stretch to window” or whatever the programs terminology is :wink:

The short answer is: Yes, if you set it to :wink:


Thanks for the help. Its a 1080p tv so its native resolution should be 1920x1080, right? I now recall reading something about the best picture always being at the native resoultion. Its this tv here
I can get it at work for about 560$ with tax (assuming there are any left on monday when I am eligable to use my employee discount on it).


6.5 latency. Will be noticeable. I would wait till after Christmas and get something with a 4 ms latency. It is worth paying more for this specification. I would rather have 720p with 4 ms than 1080p with 6.5 ms.


They may very well be gone by monday (I have to wait till the second official day of the ad to get my employee discount), but its 520$ plus tax!!! I had actually already planned on keeping it boxed up if I get it, to see what after christmas sales there are. I can always return it if something better comes along after christmas anywhere near that price. Would a tv with 6.5 latency still be a decent improvment over 27" SD tv’s (thats all I have now)?


If the TV will primarily be for Non-Gaming, the 6.5ms latency will not be noticeable anyway.

If you are gaming shrugs, better technology will always be an option … are you going to wait forever?

If you’re getting a good deal, don’t wait. You want it now … and as you said, you can always return it in a few weeks & get a better one if you aren’t happy with it.

As to the actual resolution, it’s a damn good question, because my sony is 1080p, and recommends that I set the PC’s native resolution to 1920x1200, rather than 1920x1080, and both are available options :iagree: Either way, it’ll be kickass :slight_smile:

If you use a resolution that is not the native resolution, the TV will have to interpolate (aka BLUR) to make the input match :iagree:
Make note of the word BLUR … it’s a bad word :wink:


I’m not a heavy gamer and in fact don’t really have time to play games anymore. The last game I really got into was dungeon seige (I still have dungeon seige 2 on the shelf because I havent had time to play it). I’m kind of second guessing getting the sharp. I must have looked at the mark down sheet wrong. It was 2 smaller tvs that we have and a larger one that we never got that are being marked down. It would now be 560$ plus tax (a little over 600$), which isn’t that much more, but its getting closer to the I could get something better price range. I was originally looking at a 32" anyway, and its getting to be more that I want to spend all together. They are not selling fast so I might have some time to decide.
Thanks everybody for the help though as it will still matter reguardless of what tv I get. I’m hoping there will be some good after christmas sales on 32" tv’s, but if 37" or 42" are not going to cost much more (kind of what I am seeing now), I might as well go larger.

Out of curosity, what does everyone think? Is the sharp worth jumping at for 600$ including tax (I guess its hard to guess at what the after christmas sales will be like)? I keep reading that lcd sales have been bad this season, so maybe that will drive the prices down?


[QUOTE=ripit;2181223]Out of curosity, what does everyone think? Is the sharp worth jumping at for 600$ including tax (I guess its hard to guess at what the after christmas sales will be like)? I keep reading that lcd sales have been bad this season, so maybe that will drive the prices down?[/QUOTE]
Don’t buy an LCD TV without seeing it in action … some of the them really suck badly :stuck_out_tongue:

$600 is pretty decent for a 36" TV - but I’m not in the USA :wink:


[QUOTE=debro;2181228]Don’t buy an LCD TV without seeing it in action … some of the them really suck badly :stuck_out_tongue:

$600 is pretty decent for a 36" TV - but I’m not in the USA ;)[/QUOTE]

Its actually a 42 inch. Regular price is 700$ but I get a 20% employee discount so 560$ plus about 45$ tax. Its at Biglots which is a rather ghetto store for electronics. You might find this kind of funny. I hooked it up but I’m not allowed to use anything expensive to hook it up and we can only store use stuff we sell to hook it up. I had to hook up 3 tv’s (a 19" and a 26" also) to a single 20$ coby dvd player (non upconverting) that has been banging around the store for a few years as a store use player. The only splitters we had were coax, so I have the dvd player running to an rf modulator, to a 2 way coax splitter (the 1$ non amplified kind), then to another 2 way coax and to the coax antenna inputs of the tv’s!!! The pictures look like crap on all 3 tv’s. I was only allowed to use the 10$ rf modulator because it was a return so the packaging was all torn up.

Going on reviews of it though (I have read quite a few), the sound is terrible (which is a problem as it only has a single digital sound output), but since it will be feed from a computer, hopefully I can figure out something. Upconverting is terrible. HD picture is average (not good or bad). It has some minor problems like flashlighting, bleeding, banding but I don’t think they are exsessive, and most cheap tv’s I have looked at seem to have similar problems. There seem to be very few if any complaints of failure or doa (one of the main reasons I’m considering it). One person in a review said they use some of the better electronics that are in the aquos tv’s but they use a cheap lcd, so maybe that is why they are reliable.
I’m still looking around (we had several people look at it on sunday, but no one bought one). If they seem to last (we only have 5), I may wait till after christmas to see what goes on sale elsewhere and take my chances of them getting sold out (I can always return if I do get it). I’m kind of wondering if they are going to drop the price since they are not selling too (it took about a month for them to drop the prices on the smaller ones).


If you are happy with the picture, and you can return it if you are not happy, why not?

As far as sound goes, if you have optical/coax out of the TV, you can always get a 5.1/6.1/7.1 sound system to fix it up later & disable the TV’s sound, although this will double your electricity bill associated with the TV.

Obviously it has a few HDMI ports & etc, I reckon 2 minimum is required - and of course DVI & etc …

What’s the HD tuner like? - Can you plug the antenna/Matv system into these TV’s without going through external tuners & whatnot?

Keep in mind that most new DVD players (and of course BD players) upscale SD video to HD … before it reaches the TV, and most TV stations are either already, or heading towards, HD broadcast, so the upscaling circuitry will only be useful for the next year or two anyway :wink:

Personally, I would say give it a miss, but I tend to pay $$$ for higher quality stuff & warranties, because I work too much (and get paid for it) & want to really appreciate my life outside work.


I lost out on the deal. Manager said it was a hot deal so 2 days for employee discount. They play it by ear. There was a philips portable dvd player (pos for 200$ but 50$), we had 6. The seond they were for sale (actually about 2 hours later), I got 2 full price. WIthin another hour, 3 more were gone leving 1 left for the ad that started two days later… Hot is decided by managment… Were getting all kinds of circuit city stuff (laptops. lcd’s stuff we dont normally get). I could have bought ealier in the day (not hot yet, needed to call wife to see how much was on the cards as she has internet at work), but it became hot (2 people bought 5 of 6 tv’s though, damn newbies, you could have got a samsung for 700$)…I knew I needed to wait anyway. I tend to get burned bu jumping at price drops…


So what about this tv?
Reviews seem good for the price, price seems good. There is one thing I cannot fiugure out. Reading specs, they are diffrent for the same model number on every site I go to. Some say 1080p, some 1080i, and some 720P. Some say 1hdmi, some say 2, some say 1 dvd, others say none? Could they be changing it that much?


Computers upscale but you have to [B]make sure[/B] that is supports [B]pixelmapping[/B] or it’ll look like rubbish anyway. I would imagine what anything below ~500$ (USD) is pretty much bad (poor panel/pq) when it comes to 32".


They are coming down in price (holiday sale prices anyway). I have seen samsung, toshiba, lg etc. for 500$ and sony and sharp aquos for not much more. It seems the cheapos (400$ seems to be the standard price point though occasionally you can find them for a bit less) range from average (decent but not top quality) to total crap. I try to hit user and professional reviews pretty hard before deciding on one. I took to long again though, lost out on the 360$ one that was normally 500$ or 550$. It had good reviews compared to others in the price range (probably an average tv, not high end but not total crap).