Does 8x media really work at 8x



For some time now I have been seeing more and more 8x media show up in shops. I personnally have tried cmc E01 +R AE1 -R , mcc003 +R 8x medias on nec 2500 1.07 f/w and pioneer 107d 1.13, 1.15 fw, and on 812 US0J and USON fw.

my results are shocking to say the least I found that in all cases the 8x media did worse then 4x on 812s and that the 8x media did very well on 107d and about average on 2500. Im only interested in peoples results with 8x media on different dvd burners if an only if they only use stock f/w, I dont want to know that your 8x worked well with joe’s hack or herries’ hack. so please only relate how well your 8x did at 8x on official f/w.

thanks in advance.


I’ve only burned real 8x discs from Plextor (Taiyo Yuden) and Ritek DVD+R discs so far and both worked great. I’ve burned them on a Plextor PX-708A, PX-712A and a Ridata 8x drive. I’ve also burned a lot of 4x media at 8x. Most worked fine but, as you said, some were not written well and worked better at 4x. I think it depends on the quality of the used disc and the compatibility with the used drive. Some drives work better with certain media at high speed than others. It’s basically trial and error. I’ve found that my PX-712A works very well with Plextor (Taiyo Yuden) 4x DVD+R and Samsung (BeAll) 4x DVD+R media at 8x. But these discs are quality brands.


See the Pioneer forum (under New firmware v1.15) for my KProbe scan of Verbatim 8x DVD-R written at 8x on my Pioneer DVR-107D.



I have to agree with the 8x media troubles on the 812S. I’ve blown a small fortune throwing discs in the trash because of this drive. I’m trying to determine if it’s the drive or if we’re all being scammed by media manufacturers. Just recently I bought a ten pack of Verbatim DLP DVD+R discs made in Singapore thinking those have to burn fine. Guess what. They’re garbage. Although they pass verification the underside shows dark rings and partial rings and the playback on my standalone is some of the worst I’ve seen. However, they do just fine when written at 4X. I’ve noticed all 4X media writes significantly better in this drive than any 8X media and i’ve tried media from all sorts of manufacturers. Oddly enough, I RMA’d a 25 pack of 8X Prodisc discs because of the same trouble but the Legacy discs I got from newegg who’s atip reads the same burn and play back great when written at 8X. Something is going on here. :frowning:


I’ve seen mostly excellent results on my 2500 with CMC and Prodisc 8x +R.


IMHO, as more 8x media reaches the market, the dirve manufacturers will make the necessary adjustments to the firmware so the drives will burn 8x media at 8x no worse than 4@4x and 4@8x for selected brands. At least, I hope it’ll happen :slight_smile:


I got very bad experience with Ritek R03 rev.001 rate @8x media. I’m not saying it’s worse than 4x (R03 rev002) but about the same bad, I would say. :frowning:


There’s been 8x media available since I bought this drive a few months ago. I’d think that would be enough time for Lite-On to come up with a decent firmware.


Well, they just released the 1213S burner with no strat at all for FujuFilm media.


I have had some recent luck with my Lite On. I have a Plextor 708A and a Lite On 451s@851s. I bought some of the honest to god RITEK 8x DVD+R media. It will not even burn at 8x on the Plextor more like 3.8x all the way with NERO Ultra.

I just bought (today) some of the Verbatim DVD+R 8x media that is MCC, but made in Taiwan. It burns with very high errors on the Plextor and almost no errors on the Lite On. This is the best burning DVD+R 8x media I have used and I have been trying different stuff for months.

I have had lots of Plextor Cd burners, but this may be the only Plextor DVD burner I have. I cannot believe how poor the “high end” burner does on almost every media.

Lite On is doing better than Plextor with 8x media.


That’s odd. I have some 8x Ritek which produces variable results on my lite-on and some 8x Verbatim DLP made in Singapore which is horrible on my lite-on but does fine at 4x. All the 4x Verbatims I’ve tried do ok though. :confused:


tried ritekr03 in my 811 and get PI averages of about 2x0 at 4x. Hit it at 8x and it drops to about 100something. Tried in NEC 25 and its still a bit sucky. Verbatim MCC02 4x works wonders in the nec at 8x, a bit less clean in the 811.


I have try the media of mcc003, it can be burned on 8X… but the quality is very bad… i am using 812s US0N… :sad: :sad: :sad:


My results with various 8X DVD media on the SOHW-812S :

Brand ATIP/ADIP Appearance Playback

Ritek +R Rikek R03 8X variable (1) variable/often poor
Optodisc +R Optodisc OR8 8X OK (2) not bad/slight pixelation
Prodisc +R Prodisc S03 8X Bad (3) Unusable
Verbatim DLP +R MCC 003 8X Bad (4) Unusable
Legacy +R Prodisc R03 8X OK (5) OK

ATIP/ADIP = Read with both Smartburn and DVDInfoPro.

Appearance = Bottom of disc after burning. All discs had a nice even
color with no bad spots before the burn. Discs that were
bad didn’t have a nice even color over the entire burned
area. Dark rings or partial rings and sometimes light or
dark areas resembling splotches were evident.

Playback = How well it did on my Panasonic standalone on the tv.

Notes :
(1) Spindle of 50 white top inkjet printables. Had rough edges. Probably
a bad spindle but it says something about quality control.
(2) Spindle of 25 blank silver topped discs. Looked fine but the edges
were sticky (weird).
(3) Spindle of 25 blank silver topped discs. Small amounts of dust on
bottom of discs. Some cleaned before using, some not, with the same
results. Seller says it’s a bad spindle.
(4) Data Life Plus 8X Azo made in Singapore. Ten pack in jewel cases.
These were the most expensive discs I bought. What a ripoff.
Absolute garbage at 8X. Made 5 coasters in a row until I tried 4X.
They do ok at 4X. At 8X even worse than the Memorex 4X discs with
the same ATIP as these when burned at 8X.
(5) Spindle of ten. Blank silver topped discs. Appeared identical to
the Prodiscs. No problems encountered. Waiting for a spindle of
25 to see if they do as well.

A long post I know but relevant.


I’ve burnt a JVC DVD-R 8x on my Pioneer A07 and it burnt at 8x and the quality of burn was quit good :slight_smile:


This is getting me totally confused. IIRC, by the time 8x burners reahced the market, the 8x media weren’t readily available yet. Which makes me think that drive manufacturers are ahead of the media manufacturers. Same thing happens with 12x burners/media, and I think will happen with 16x ones. But 8x media have been available for a while, but there’s still no decent media support from the drive manufacturers. Ok, I’ll narrow it down to Liteon, and won’t speak of others. I don’t really understand who is slow…


The 812s doesn’t seem to be that great of a burner overall, especially for some reason using higher quality media (MXL, TY, MCC).


Two Degrees
I don’t read Japanese or whatever language it is. What I see is that they use an older versions of Kprobe and Firmware, and Combo drive for scanning. Thus I can’t really compare these scans with mine, and they are pretty much useless for me. Sorry.


All of the burns were done on the 812s. You don’t need to be able to read Japanese to read the Kprobe scans. It’s clear to see scans were done with two Lite-On DVD-ROMs (XJ-HD165H and XJ-HD166S) as well as three different Lite-On burners, the 812s, 811s and 411s. There is only one scan done with an LG combo.


I meant to say that scans were done on a DVD-ROM, not combo, sorry. Anyway, I’m pretty much satisfied with 812s as a burner, otherwise I’d go get a NEC. It burns well all the media I’ve got, and I don’t keep crappy ones. I’m ok with using +R too. This thread is really about the 8x media, not 812s in particular. Let’s discuss the drive in PM. Peace.