Does 716 need ASPI?



When I use Nero to check ASPI it says no system ASPI installed?It also says Nero ASPI is installed and working properly.Is there something I need to install for my “system” ASPI,or is this normal??716 seem’s to be working ok.Thanks.


Tried the Search function,did’nt really find an answer.


Nope, most burning software have there own ASPI-like software (in Nero’s case its Nero ASPI)

I would only recomend installing an ASPI driver if the software you use complains at the lack of one.


You don’t need a “system” ASPI under Win2K/XP. Programs tend to have their own ASPI layer, like NERO, or to use the native SPTI Windows interface. :slight_smile:

Your system should be fine as it is now. :wink:



Thank you for the quick reply’s.Burner works fine,I’ll leave it alone!!Thanks again.



You might need a system ASPI to do something like a firmware upgrade, though.


Are you talking about the drive?I have flashed from 1.03 to 1.04 without any problem.Thanks.



I wasn’t sure if SPTI could accomodate flashes, but I guess it can. Win98Se (and earlier) users had no choice about ASPI. There’s not much to pick between the two; ASPI references are all to which (pseduo) SCSI (ATAPI) device, whereas SPTI uses Win drive letters.

Still, it all comes out the same in the wash, so if it ain’t broke, as you say, don’t fix it!