Does 451s@851s need update epprom?

First , I’m so sorry make a new thread for this topic,
I am a HongKong Guy, don’t mind my english too bad…

I use 451@851.exe from “STRONA KKK”
I know 411s need write the epprom,
but I dont know 451s…

Thank you any people can help me.

the 451 needs no EEPROM update or hack, it already has the necessary calibration for 8x DVD+R writing.

Thanks “wesociety” reply to me…

you mean origianl 451s have 8X for dvd+R???
no need use 451s@851s.exe update to 851s???

I am so sorry , , I do not understand…
Or no need use “patcher” hack the epprom ??
just only use 451s@851s.exe , can update to 851s
and than have 8x dvd+R function

very so sorry make you inconvenience …


Have a read through this.