Does 1633s support bitsetting/booktype




like my question says, does it?

and are there any interesting firmware i could flash it with?

many thansk


I know it does bitset - u can set this using the OMNIPATCHER. Download an unscrambled version of the firmware you want to use and select “enable auto bitsetting”. Save the firmware and flash the drive with it. Also, I think Liteon Booktype can set bitsetting. Some other software should work too - but it doesn’t look like it inside the software.


not for every firmware… for the 1633s firmwares (BS0R, BS0S, BS41… and newer) omnipatcher disables the auto bitsetting option. you can set the booktype with the official liteon bitsetting utility. it remains in the eeprom, even after reflash, so there’s no need for auto-bitset.


okay i have the BSOR firmware for a 1633s and i went on a app called dvdinfo pro and i wanted to change the bookype but i would not let me, even though its not like my pioneer, if i try change the bitsetting with my pioneer it just says it doest support bitsetting.

and when i use omnipatcher the option to enable auto bitsetting cant be selected!

so is what your saying my liteon 1633s is alreay auto booktyping all my dvd+r and dvd+dl to dvd-?

and what about dvd+rw.

many thanks


Simply take the official way, BookType133 available here


I did it before - and it wouldn’t look as if it was working - but it does, as long as you have a blank disc in there and bitset to ROM. Then if you burn it will be OK evn though the status window shows +R


thank you so much finally!

but i hope it doest work with +rw becuase i tried it and it said it changed it successfuly but then i burned on the disk and my xbox didnt read it!

so does it only work with dvd+r and dvd+r9?

again thanks so much.


tutyet is does support bittsetting/booksetting the utililily can be download at the US site make sure u grab the version 133 for the 1633S model u set it an forgot it the drive will remember the booksetting, for the firmware u can go to for all the goodness u can stand and befor playing with firmware Plz Read all the forums so can get all pinions you can follow your heart :slight_smile: an choose your path to happy burning !


yes i downloaded the 1.3.3 file that changes the bitsetting!


1.i put a PHilips DVD+RW in my liteOn 1633s booktype133 and i press the “change booktype to” menu and select “DVD-ROM”

  1. then i press “change” and “write now”

4 it then says “booktype changed successfuly”

  1. then i burn a game on the dvd and put it in my xbox and my stupid xbox doesnt read it!

i have the BSOR firmware on my liteon. do you need any more info?

so why doesnt it work?

again, thanks so much for all your help guys, this forum is off the chain!


just burn the +rw and change the booktype after the burn process.


Use DVD Identifier or KProbe to check the booktype of your disk.


i got it to work, its because dvd-rw are not that reliable if you change them but i hope dvd+r/dl dvds will work everytime.

thanks so muc guys i hope you will not have to see till the time the new dvd burners that bun those 50gb dvds, i heard sony are working on them, is it called blue ray?

thanks guys, have a marry xmas


you can NOT change the booktype of a “-R” disc. bitsetting is only for “+r/rw/dl”


i know i ment dvd+rw sorry!


if you clicked write now - you have changed the DVD+RW’s booktype to DVD-ROM - because you wrote the booktype to disc