Dodo flying

I was bored, so I fired up GTA3 and flew the Dodo around the entire map (from the third to the first and all over again), and scored a time of 845 seconds. If anyone want’s proof, I will be happy to present them for you… :slight_smile:

So, anyone that has beaten my record? :bigsmile:

Dodo ?

It’s a plane (Cessna type) with the wings chopped off.
A tad difficult to fly… :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of such a thing in GTA 3 :slight_smile:

Did they remove the plane wings because of 9/11 incident?
I believe they did it on purpose so you wouldn’t be able to fly the plane into buildings!

I flew it for 30 seconds :slight_smile: It’s quite cool ! if you want to skip a lot of hours and want the plane available :wink:

they clipped the wings because it wouldn’t fit in the garage (u can store it by the way)

i was pist that i stole a bus, and it wouldnt fit :(. gonna have to get me a cessna, or a tank :wink:

type giveusatank whilst playing and u will get a tank