Dodgy Hard Disk

I have a very odd problem with a one of my Maxtor D740X hard disks. If you copy small files to it (loads – like the contence a windows dir several times (to fiill most of the 60GB), and then try to copy them somewhere else some of the files come up with an error along the lines of “file is inaccessible – unable to read from source disk” and large files copied to it eg. divX films get a lot of corruption to the picture.

I suspected the surface of the disk must have been damaged somehow, so I formatted (full) the drive (NTFS) ran Scan disk from xp, (which picked up picked up index references to the files which were reported as inaccessible, said the file didn’t exist and deleted the index entry for it) installed and ran Norton disk doctor, ran the Maxtor diagnostic software and re-factory certified the drive, and went through all of the other Maxtor drive tests, and they all came up saying the drive is fine. I get back to windows, and find after formatting it again the problems are still there :frowning:

The drive is connected to a High point 370 raid controller running in UDMA 100 mode, along with another identical drive on the other channel of the controller (not in raid) which is fine.

I want to return the drive under warranty, but when the manufactures diagnostic software reports the drive as fine like everything else – which is very apparently wrong, this is slightly tricky…

Here’s a thought: BestBuy is now selling the new 200GB WD drive with 8MB buffer. It’ll serve up those large files, lickety-split. Drool-slobber…

It could be that your disk is just doing fine, but something totally different is causing your problems. Even a defective/overheating CPU can get Windows to generate such errors… or just a software error (virus!).

Since there are so many options, we first should get to know wether the HDD is defective or not. Since the Maxtor tool reports the HDD to be ok, it may be a good idea to test it with other software. My advice: visit and get DFT (Drive Fitness Test) over there. Test your HDD with that program and be back :wink:


My cpu is a S1 PIII 733 and it is always <45C, when I installed NOrton Disk Doctor, I also intalled, updated and ran NAV, so I discounted those possiblities.

The IBM drive test also reported it as ok (0x00), but when windows XP started to load again, it wanted to scan the drive, and again deleted index entries for files on the disk, then quit with an unspecified error :Z.

The hard drive is slightly warm to the touch when on, but it (and the identaical drive beside it, which is fine) got VERY hot for long periods of time a few months ago, which is why a woundered of there was a problem with the surface of the disk, because if i remeber rightly, heating feromagnetic magnets, demagnitises them :frowning:

And @ rdgrimes :slight_smile: yes, but i am waiting untill the begining of next year when i will upgrade all of my computer, including a couple of nice 350GB serial ATA Maxtors :slight_smile: (I have 4x60GB 7200RPM ones in y computer at the moment)