Dodgy Fuji TY DVD+R?


I recently bought some Fujifilm DVD+R discs, rated at 8x speed with media code YUDEN000T02. Having read about the high quality of TY discs I was expecting good results; after borrowing my friends external USB Lite-On LDW-851S ive done some scans on KProbe. Here is the results from a disc which I have just burnt using my NEC-3500 at 8x, with Liggy & Dees V2 Beta 6 firmware.

As you can see, the results arent great so what is the problem? Is it my writer, the reader or the discs? The link below is a disc which i burnt in nero dvd-speed which burnt all the way upto 16x and the scan seems to be better for this burn than the burn at 8x, though still not as good as results as I was expecting.

Could this simply be a dodgy tub of discs?

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It’s hard to say what the problem is without further testing. Can you post a CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test with the NEC to see how the playback read curve looks? If it’s a DVD-Video, does it play back fine? Often having just one drive to test for PIE/PIF can be misleading, especially if the drive is a bad reader, so if you know anyone else that has a drive that can do error scanning see if you can test the disc on it for a comparison.

i started a thread last week in the liteon forum about simular ugly kprobes that i was getting with my 811s here.
as you can see the scan done on my freinds 812s is fine and the scan done on my 811s at 1X is almost identical. because the pifs are within tolerence and they burn fine at 16X with no drop in speed and the transfer rate is perfect iam not going to worry about the scans.

So far I have burnt 3 discs of the same thing, just a data disc with about 4.1GB on it, the first 2 were from the same tub one burnt at 8x and one burnt at 16x, the results were more or less the same, the 3rd disc was burnt at 8x from a different tub and again the same results.

All 3 discs read back perfectly fine with a nice smoove curve and no-drop offs, as you see below from the 16x burn. Although sometimes you get a faulty batch of discs, i reckon its mainly due to the reading drive. Unfortunaetly I dont have another drive available to me to to a comparison of a KProbe scan, guess I will have to buy one after the next payday.

Though the next questions being, get the BenQ drive or Lite-On drive?


Well if you’re going for another drive I’d say the BenQ since it should be a good burner as well as a good scanner.

wow, i’ve gone through 3 or 4 25pks of the same discs and a few discs out of 3 diff 100pks and haven’t seen scans like that…chalk it up to bunk media.

agree with Two Degrees, BenQ over the Lite-On any day.

I concur. With the special offers you can get on the Benq right now there isn’t much of a price difference and the Benq is a better all-around drive. I have been disappointed with the Lite-Ons since day 1. As for dodgy Fuji TYs? It’s entirely possible. I got 3 50 packs of the 8x -R MIJ Fujis and every spindle had discs with spotting in the dye. I will pay the extra money and get the actual TY discs from rima since I have never had a single bad disc from them. :wink:

Benq over LIte On.
Let me just sum up the plusses for the Benq
Benq - much better support.
Benq - Better tools
Benq - Better measurer (better behaviour fo PI/PO/POF and it can measure JITTER !)
Benq - Better drive (when it comes to technology)
Benq - Much better firmware support.-> Which means better/faster writing which is waht most people want.

Eh is there one reason to go for Lite On actually ?