Dodgy cd-r write quality

on all the cd-r’s i write on this burner, the cd looks wierd on the outer edge about a centimetre inwards and there’s a darker line there where it goes funny
the cd’s seem to work okay though
very strange :confused:

So your problem is then that they ain’t pretty enough? :smiley:

no i mean it looks like the burn is defective or something
ive attached a pic - sorry about the quality… ive only got a webcam and it took me a while to even get it like this… anywho ur looking at the outer edge… the red line shows where it’s finished burning - so beyond that there’s nothing written… the blue line is in the area that was written by the burner… also the color of the area between the very inside of the disc and the red and blue are slightly different… but the line is very different and can be clearly seen, yet the disc works 100% fine…