Dodgy Batch Of TY Printables?

I think i may have a dodgy batch of x8 full face printable tys. Heres what happens ether the disc just sit’s on lead-in of starts to burn and then when the writer switch’s write mode just stops and does nothing or i choose X8 and it burns at x4 instead. First i thought maybe my writer is on its way out but after 3 fail’s i tryed a x8 mcc in the drive and it burnt fine first time and then also tryed a x8 ty pastel verb and that burnt staight away. Normally the burn takes about 30-45 secs to start but these printables if they do burn fine then the start times the same but when they dont burn properly they take anything from 1m30s to 2m.

OK my drive does need a defrag but if that was the case would’nt i have the same problems with all discs. Today i went to compile a data dvd with nero, 3 printables never work, first took 2 mins to start but then only burnt at X4, the second took about 1m20s to start then once it got to where the mode switchs it just sat there for another 10 mins and then i got a burn failed message, the third never even started to burn just sat there for about 5 mins so i reset, so i tried to burn the excact same thing but this time on a ty pastel and it burnt perfectly fine, started up in about 30secs and burnt clean through

What do you guys think ?? not all seem bad, some burn some dont,all discs are -R

So im thinking next time i order seen as i cant get the TY verbs anymore which never gave me a problem i may order a coupl of 25 spindle panasonics as the 10 pack spindle i had worked fine.

What batch number are they?

As gregtherotterius says, what batch do you have? Look on the recording side of the disc near the hub. The serial should be GGXXXXXX (X’s being numbers which vairy batch to batch).

Also you have several burners in your sig but don’t mention which one(s) you’re having problems burning the media on.

If it’s the LiteOn then you could try disabling Smartburn, as it mat be deciding to burn the discs slower because It feels quality isn’t good enough for 8X, which on genuine TY is very unlikely!

Batch is GG000158. Burning on the 109, thing is ive never had this problem before, burnt loads of verb tys, pastels and 10 panasonics and they all burnt fine, just this one lot of unbranded full face printables that have been giving me grief. Funny thing is this is also the first time i have bought unbranded tys.