Dodgeball copy protection?

My friend bought the movie ‘Dodgeball’ for his little sister (I’m writing for him at the moment). His sister is 6, and so he tried to copy it so she wouldn’t scratch it. But, he copied it with CloneDVD, and when it gets to the last (15 or so) minutes of the movie (where you find out who wins), a message pops up saying something about copyright!

Is there another program to use, as I don’t have a DVD burner (and know nothing about DVD copying, burning, etc.) and can’t tell him any pointers.

You could try DVDShrink. I believe.

What other program did he use to remove the protection? Clonedvd cannot copy protected movies on it’s own, so something like anydvd is required.

Ask your friend what he uses and make sure he gets the latest versions. I, myself haven’t had any difficaulties backing this up with the two software mentioned (This is region 2)

I used DVDShrink on that one, and never had one problem. You can use DVDDecrypter for those that do have encryption to rip, but that one didnt.

Use Dvd Decrypter to rip/copy the original/source dvd to the harddrive. Next use CloneDVD to copy and burn the now decrypted/unprotected dvd.

You can also use AnyDVD in combination with CloneDVD. AnyDVD must be active when using CloneDVD so it can remove the protection/copyright.

Another good combination is DVD Decrypter and Nero Recode.

Yet another is DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink (arguably one of the best and most popular combos).

Many other combinations not mentioned are also possible.

Refer to the following useful sites for reading and learning about audio and video applications:,, and

Thanks guys :smiley: I’ll tell him at school today :slight_smile: