Dodge RAM: who has one?

Last thursday, when I went to Forlì and Cesena, I saw not one but TWO Dodge RAM’s: one, black, with 348 cu in engine (5.7 L), was driving so I couldn’t see much of it. The other, grey, RAM 1500, was in a parking. Compared to the rest of vehicles it was so huge that it did fill TWO parking spaces.

But since Dodge is my favorite US manufacturer I’m wondering if there is anyone that owns one.

My dream ? ih ih ih … if I had enough money I’d buy a RAM SRT-10… too cool ! AFAIK it’s the only pickup in the world to have performances such as 0 to 62 mph in 5 seconds and over 155 mph of max speed. Too bad that gasoline in Italy costs 1,132 € a liter.

I have a Dodge Durango and love it. Waiting to see if my Social Security gets approved and if so I will be getting a RAM P/U as well.

Many people I know are in the construction business and the one reoccurring problem they have with Dodge trucks is with the transmissions. They seem to breakdown a lot if you use them often for towing or carrying heavy loads. Other than this I don’t hear anything else bad about Dodge trucks.

Dodge your favorite manufacturer?

I can’t imagine why…

I have a friend who I tell (twice weekly) that he is a pathalogical
loyalist to a company who’s products simply don’t deserve that loyalty, particularly when you consider how much is first TWO trucks were in the shop in the first six months he owned them and then they denied warrantee on one of them when the engine blew itself up… So much for Cummins superiority.


Hey, I’ve had quite a few Mercedes Benz’s, the supposedly indestructible car, well they make their share of lemons too. All car have models that suck. Honda has crappy transmissions too. Every model will suffer some quirk within their production line. 450SL engines are notorious for jumping cam timing and sizing the overhead camshaft towers. We won’t go into the rust problems. My MG had point activated relays for a fuel pump, POINTS on a fuel pump, BABOOM!!