Documentation issues



I’m just developing some base system on the Nero SDK and stumbled across a typo in the actual Nero SDK documentation:

In Section 7.1.33., the headline and in the table reads “NERO_MAJOR_PHASE_CALLBACK”, but I think this should be NERO_SET_MAJOR_PHASE_CALLBACK. It would be much better to find in the index if the headline were correct.

Thank you


You are indeed correct. This will be fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.


Thank you.

Here’s another one:

Chapter 7.1.18. NERO_DEVICEOPTION: In the version table, I believe the first option should be “NERO_DEVICEOPTION_BOOKTYPE_DVDROM” instead of “NERO_DEVICEOPTION”.

If it’s ok, I’ll add more typos as I find them.


Actually, this is not an error. NERO_DEVICEOPTION enum was introduced in version


Ah, sorry. But if this refers to the NERO_DEVICEOPTION structure itself, there is still no Nero version information for NERO_DEVICEOPTION_BOOKTYPE_DVDROM, or am I getting something wrong?


In section 7.2.29. NeroGetCDRWErasingTime, accroding to the header files, the type of parameter “mode” in the function declaration is NEROAPI_CDRW_ERASE_MODE, not int.


You are right about that last one… This will be fixed.


In section 7.2.18 on page 103 of NeroAPI6.3.1.4.pdf you write NERO_ESTIMATETRACKSIZE_OPTIONS in the description of dwFlags parameter. In the function declaration some lines earlier you use instead NERO_FILESYSTEMTRACK_OPTIONS. Because you describe nowhere the NERO_ESTIMATETRACKSIZE_OPTIONS structure, I think NERO_FILESYSTEMTRACK_OPTIONS would be correct.