Doctor Who, Season 2 problem



Anyone else having problems backing up their copies of the latest Dr. Who DVDs? AnyDVD only sees half of the files on Disk 1 of the Season 2 set; I’ve sent the IFO files to AnyDVD support for their review.


I have the disc here, I’ll check. (The discs in the box set are the same as the discs which were sold separately? I have the single disc version.)
Which version of AnyDVD did you use?


It could be a bad authoring of the disc too. Check out this thread and the link I posted in it. Then again, it could also be another new copy-protection.


It seems like a weird title to decide to implement some kind of advanced, new copy protection scheme on… they only generally bother for things they know are going to sell a lot of copies… generic, mind-wiping crowd-pleasers with absolutely no depth. Doctor Who is more of a niche market thing… I can’t see the BBC figuring it would be worth their while to bother.


I was using AnyDVD, no luck using DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, or Nero Recode All programs will only see the main video files, but leave the extras completely untouched and unread. The disk is Region 1.

Interestingly enough, on the disk “label” it is marked as “Rental Only - Not for Resale”. Did I buy the wrong set of disks from eBay?


More info here!You’ve been sold a set wrongly on eBay.


Ah…I’ve run into the same problem. It is really odd though that programs will recognize all the files but not select them. DVD Decrypter for instance copies all files up to 4 and then just fails to even see that they exist. Yet, you can copy all to the hard drive manually. Once there … I’m not sure if the problem will continue to exist.

I rented the discs from Netflix before buying them to see if they were worth it…and ran into the texas chainsaw thing in my regular DVD player.


That was it exactly. I ran the second episode on the disk through till about halfway and was treated to footage from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. No wonder I found that set on eBay. :a

Much thanks for the pointing in the right direction! :slight_smile: