Doctor bans boy from Playstation to stop head twitching

I just posted the article Doctor bans boy from Playstation to stop head twitching.

 Man, this kid  should go outside and get some fresh air! Git on that bicycle fror heavens sake  and peddle down the sidewalk! I mean this story is about a child that lives in  San Diego,...
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Maybe the parents need to go see a doctor also, since in many ways they are responsible for the kids problems… They should spend some quality time with their kids… Video games seem to be the preferred method used by parents to control their children and keep them occupied…

Oh well, it was a playstation, so one can say SONY PLAYSTATIONS, are bad for your health! Ha Ha!:X

So he’ll be spending more time with his XBox and Nintendo now.

Perhaps it was his Dad smacking him on the back of the head when he used it and shouting “Get off that bloody Playstation and go do your homework!”, hence his head kept twitching whenever he used it?

LOL Damn you guys are mean as hell LOOOL

more like - damn you guys are smart … i wouldn’t have thoguht of that

better rush him to the dentist and have the rrotkit removed just to be sure lol

Follow up story: The young lad later decided he was in the matrix and went about shooting up his school with an AK-47. :g

You people are evil. But yes parents need to spend more time with there kids, and they can if they didnt have to works 80 hour work weeks! :* And i am not a parent , but i feel true. The world and there crappy wages.

When you do have children, be sure to teach them the difference between “there” and “their.” :g

If this kid can pull together enough cash to buy an AK, the parents really need to throttle back on this kid’s allowance. It’d cost at least $1200USD for a real one.
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