DOC.LOC ? strong


I know that the music industrie has released some cds protected with the DOC.LOC protection. According to the problems i had with this protection in the following drives i think i can say it is a very strong protection:

Pioneer DVDrom 116 - FAIL
Sanyo CDRW2 - FAIL (all other protections aren’t even seen by this drive :confused:
Plextor CDROM 40 tsi - FAIL
Plextor CDRW 16/10/40 - FAIL
Philips CDRW 800 series - FAIL
Aopen 52X cdrom - FAIL
Toshiba SD-R 2102 - Success!!!
Panasonic CW7502 - FAIL

Can somep people explain some more about this protection. I find out that it has a pregap of 12sec… Drives don’t recognize the disc, like you put a blaco media in a cdrom/dvdrom player!

I have Helium Vola, which is the worse version of Doc.loc (V1/2. The lastest, V3, is not that strong). Which DOC.loc version is your disc?

Toshiba 1502: :frowning:
LiteOn 48125W (VS08): :frowning:
Cyberdrive 058D: :frowning:
Pioneer DVR-A03 (1.90) :slight_smile:

The protection seems to be something like Key2Audio, but confusing many more drives and thus being more effective.

Can you name some cd’s,available in Europe,with that protection???:slight_smile:

This protection is mainly used in Germany. Apparently it is slowly spreading over Europe…

Originally posted by ploegercr
According to the problems i had with this protection in the following drives i think i can say it is a very strong protection:

On which disk did you encounter this protection?

TMF hitzone 21 (and according it has DOC.LOC

In the other thread i thought it had CDS100v3 but it has DOC.LOC and only my Toshiba DVD/CDRW combo (2102) was able to recognze the disk

The CD also looks a little different then other disks. When i look @ the disc i see to rings, one @ the beginning after the lead out and a ring @ the end of the disc. Thse rings are very small, just like a pre-gap that is written between 2 tracks on a cd with 2sec pause breaks. Maybe thatring is blank. A doc loc cd has a pre gap of 12 secs, according my toshidrive. Maybe a cdrom player will try to read also the first seconds before the 00:12.00 and thus i think those 12 secs are skipped by a normal player :frowning:
here is a scanned image, i cant link directoly to a geocities image (page fucking not found) so you have to go to my directory and there click on tmfhzone21.jpeg :

Are those rings black ?!
Would the groove be cut at both end of the audio session ?

Did you try Plextools 1.16a with your Plextor 16x, after enabling first session only option ?


very detailed tests of DOC.loc discs can be found in the german audio forum.

I’ve written a comprehension which is based upon those postings:

DOC.loc V1 and V2 even cannot be extracted with current Plextor drives including UltraPlex32 and UltraPlex40 (2nd revision with firmware 1.1x). Only the older Plex-CDROMs are able to ignore the protection. Most Teac drives (old SCSIs, IDEs and current recorders) can read those discs, too.
It is very important to switch off the auto-insert-notification. Otherwise Windows will crash in most cases.

A few weeks ago a new version of DOC.loc (V3) has been found on DE/VISION Remixes which is not as strong as V1 and V2. It can be ripped with current Plextors.

Discs with DOC.loc protection:

DOC.loc V1 & V2:

Deine Lakaien - Kasmodia (Startsektor 750 = 10-Sek.-PreGap)
Delerium - Odyssey (the remix collection), Label Nettwerk, DocDATA BNL, ID: 5415418 500740
Eins, Zwo - Zwei
Goethes Erben - Nichts bleibt wie es war (Startsektor 750 = 10-Sek.-PreGap)
Helium - Vola (Startsektor 750 = 10-Sek.-PreGap), Chrom Records
Peter Ratzenbeck - Peter’s Fancy (Startsektor 900 = 12-Sek.-PreGap)
Warp Brothers - Blast the Speakers (Startsektor 900 = 12-Sek.-PreGap), DOSorDIE Recordings GmbH, Zomba Vertrieb

DOC.loc V3: