DOC.LOC Protection?

I’ve seen an audio protection with the name DOC.LOC. I know that it is created/designed by DocData.

What is this for protection and is it ever found on a CD?
Hope someone has some information…

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DOC.loc has been found on a few records in Germany. There are two versions. The first version has a pre-gap of 10 seconds, the other has 12 seconds.
It is assumed that DOC.loc’s trick is the fact that there are numerous defect sectors in the pre-gap-area.

Below I’ve quoted some results of the brennmeister audio-forum After the first DOC.loc discs were found a very interesting discussion came up there.

DOC.loc protected discs:

Deine Lakaien - Kasmodia (Startsektor 750 = 10-Sek.-PreGap)
Delerium - Odyssey (the remix collection), Label Nettwerk, DocDATA BNL, ID: 5415418 500740
Eins, Zwo - Zwei
Goethes Erben - Nichts bleibt wie es war (Startsektor 750 = 10-Sek.-PreGap)
Helium - Vola (Startsektor 750 = 10-Sek.-PreGap), Chrom Records
Peter Ratzenbeck - Peter’s Fancy (Startsektor 900 = 12-Sek.-PreGap)
Warp Brothers - Blast the Speakers (Startsektor 900 = 12-Sek.-PreGap), DOSorDIE Recordings GmbH, Zomba Vertrieb

Drives which do not recognize the DOC.loc protection (they are able to rip those discs) are:

ASUS CD-ROMs (50x und 52x)
Compaq CRD-8241B (allerdings nicht Jitter-frei), CRD-8320A
Cyberdrive 321D (Fw. 1.30)
Freecom Brenner 2/2/?
Hitachi GD-5000 (Fw. 2.02), GD-7500 (Fw. 0101)
Kenwood (Mixer) True-x UCR-421
Matshita CR585
NEC DV-5800A
Philips CDR2000, 8x fach Brenner
Pioneer DRA14S, DVD-106 (Fw. 1.14)
Plextor PX-W124, PX-R412C (scsi), PX-12CSi (Fw. 1.0), PX-12/20TSI (Fw. 1.01), PX-32TSi (Fw. 1.02, leider nur Einzelfall), PX-40TS (alte Hardware-Revision mit Fw. 1.0x)
Ricoh MP7060S (nur Version mit 10-Sek-PreGap), Ricoh 7080A
Samsung CD-R/RW SR-208F (Fw. SN09), SCR-3232
Teac CD-224E, CD-532E-B (Fw. 3.0B), CD-540E, CD-R50S (Fw. 1.0G), CD-R55S, CD-R58S
Toshiba SD-1402 DVD (Fw. 1010) (Helium Vola, nicht Goethes Erben), 1502 (Warp Brothers)
Yamaha CRW3200e (Fw. 1.0b)

If you have a drive being able to rip DOC.loc CDs you will only have to switch off the auto-insert-notification. Then you can read those discs with a standard audio-grabbing program. But bear in mind to avoid any Explorer-actions as long as the disc is in the drive.

Any words about how Lite-On’s read this protection.

The LiteOns can hardly read any audio protection… :frowning:

I know. But he: stranger things have happend. :wink: