Do you Yahoo?

Instant Messaging …

Is it becoming to easy to use? Who should be allowed to use it?
What the hell is a “Yahoo” anyway?

Australian slang defines a “Yahoo” as: A Yobo.
A Yobo is defined as an idiot.

So do you “Yahoo”?

Hmm … yobo’s …
Bunch of lunatics the lot of em!

Yobo’s are Australian … stop ripping off our national identity!

/me wonders who owns Yahoo now …

I OWN it! :bigsmile:

Well, one one hand yes, and on the other hand … oh buggrit!
I own the other half! Can argue with a woman :stuck_out_tongue:

So … if ya can’t beat em, join em :stuck_out_tongue:

If I were an internet geek I’d started a portal called wohoo. Not yahoo. What kind of name is that? What people scream when they hit themselves.

Aye and have many identities :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone remember when it was
I have these flashbacks sometimes…

In a family argument, if it turns out that you are right, apologise at once. /.

I mainly use MSN and I won’t ever use Yahoo.

Google-mail now also offers a chat function which looks interesting. The only problem is that you must have a gmail accout to use it and most of my friends don’t have one.

IM is evil, I tells ya!EVIL!

MSN here as well, i tried yahoo but i didn’t like it.

No but I’m not a thousand year old either :bigsmile:

Google Talk uses the Jabber IM protocol and is an open standard. you don’t necessarily need to have a gmail acct to communicate over that network.

since it uses Jabber, you don’t need to chat via the web based gmail window. i use trillian for gtalk and you can also configure Mac OSX’s built in IM app to use it.

I doubt whether a year or two really counts that much, when we are talking in terms of milleniums :wink:

You young punks… Back in my day I would have… What were we talking about?

If a tree falls in the forest and a teenager isn’t there to whine, is it still environmental destruction?

MSN here too, from time to time. I used Yahoo a few years back (and ICQ before that), but choose MSN only these days…

I think Bill Gates has taken over peoples minds as well as the world.
He’s imprinted the word MSN Messenger in everyone’s heads.

It’s got to be the most widely used form of IM.

BTW, oh yes, I use it too !!

no other IM protocol even comes close to AIM.

User base

[li]AIM: 53 million active users (Nielsen//NetRatings, August 2005), 195 million total (January 2003).[/li][li]MSN Messenger: 29 million active (Nielsen//NetRatings, August 2005), 155 million total (April 2005).[/li][li]Yahoo! Messenger: 21 million active (September 2005).[/li][li]ICQ: 15 million active world wide, 400 million total .[/li][li]QQ: 10 million active, 400 million total users (Tencent Q1 results 2005).[/li][li]Skype: 100 milion total (April 2006).[/li][li]Jabber: 13.5 million enterprise users (Osterman Research August 2005), this does not count users via ISPs and other service providers (estimated to be more than 7.5 million, for a total of at least 21 million).[/li][li]Gadu-Gadu: 3.6 million total (January 2005).[/li][/ul]

Dont know a soul with Aim

Can I have both your MSN addresses? :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Maybe … if you promise to use them for good, and not evil.