Do You Watch Little Britain? Who Is Your Favourite Character?

I thought i’d ask you all if you watch Little Britain and what your favourite character was, as it has really taken a grip on Britain as far as great comedy is concerned.

Here’s a link to info on Little Britain, for all of you who haven’t seen it before or don’t know what it’s all about Here

I liked the first season with the Scottish Guy loads, thought he was great, aswell as the Teacher At Kelsey Grammer School,
Now they are crap, just some naked fat lady :frowning:

Ben :slight_smile:

We’re getting the first season over here. The mental patient is a crack up. And the only gay in the village. Lost it when he went for a Aids test and told the nurse he’d never had relations. Still you poms really had a great thing going with Hale and Pace, god I miss 'em. ders one, ders another one, ders one, ders another…

I might post some more clips.
Not sure if its aload,
But its not really piracy as its not a replacment for the DVD,
if anything it may make people buy the DVD.

Ben :slight_smile:

no, whatching paint dry is far more entertaning.

i did try to watch it but that fat bold guy is crap in this just like he was in shooting stars.

I like Mr. Bean.

Me to!

i think monty python was far better in every aspect…

Well it’s not really trying to compete with Monty Python, plus Monty Python was over thirty years ago, man. I’ve always thought it was over-rated anyway, and copied a lot from The Goonies.

Andy - ‘Yeah i know’

Just got the first series on DVD its f*cking brilliant!

‘DUST anybody no? DUST anybody no? DUST anybody no? DUST’

i’d say Lou and Andy are my favorite and my Mr’s favorite aswell and strangely im called Andy and my Mrs is called Lucy (Lou for short) hmmmm, Vicky Pollard is good aswell that name is perfect for a chav slapper haha.

monty python over rated nonononononononono…

copied from the goonies dont you mean the goon show. monty python copied of no one as no one had ever done anything like that on tv.

Yeah sorry, The Goonies was that film with Sloth wasn’t it? I like Monty Python I just think there are a lot of things that are more original and funnier than it.

how about The League of Gentlemen, i absolutly love all 3 series and of course it was filmed just down the road from me. :smiley:

The waiter I think it is that talks to the cake and stuff is pretty funny and the guy that goes around saying “Im a lady”. Hale and pace are still around they were only around this area a short time ago doing some live shows

where abouts in Derby you from acko not a chaddite are you? jk

almost lol,

sinfin :Z

hahaha lol im originally from Oakwood myself, although spent alot of time ‘dahhn chadd’ as the locals say it, still got alot of mates down there, i hear Oakwood is becoming the new chaddesden by all accounts and the kwik save where the oak and acorn pub is if you know that area is always full of chavs now, just a sign of the times i suppose.

whats a chav?

You like to watch six unemployed steel workers who form a male striptease act? :eek:

Edit: Never mind, I thought you were referring to the Full Monty. :stuck_out_tongue: