Do you want WS05 or VS06 BIN, BootCD?


I have uploaded the BIN files to my webpage.
And also done a NERO Image of a working BootCD with a clean DOS. It’s great for computers that only have Win XP or Win 2000.
The file is only 670 Kb. Easy to download and it even fits on a 1.44 disk. :slight_smile:

Hoppe you like my page. I like to share. :slight_smile:

And OC-Freak… You are Great!

And I also have a question…

When does 40125W get Mt.Rainier support???


Great news everybody!

A guy e-mailed me WS04 for 40125W drive! :bow:

I have uploaded it to my page and I have also tested it. It works. Start testing! :smiley:


thanks very much, your cd bootdisk was very useful

Thanks! I’m glad that I can help here. :slight_smile:

Well any way. Maybe I upload some Windows loaders that PorchSong has provide me. Only time will tell…

If you want to read about this windows loader:

Have fun! :slight_smile: :bow: