Do you want to switch off the media check on your Lite-On LTR-32123S?



As you probably know it’s possible to switch off the media compatibility check with the LTR-40125S, but this is in fact also possible with the LTR-32123S and most likely the LTR-24103S as well. But not with the LTR-24102B :frowning: actually tested that one also. Nero won’t let you disable smart-burn for other writers than the LTR-40125S, but:

With the new CD-Mate beta(version I’m using right now I could go to File–>Properties–>Speed tab and tick “disable smart-burn” and it actually works!!!

Tried with a lot of different discs that would only record at 16X, 20X or 24X before and they would now record successfully at 32X.

To test if they was fully readable I used the scandisc function in Nero CD-Speed version 0.85e beta. I tested the discs with several readers and all drives was able to read the discs back without any problems!!!

Now it’s time to use my stock with old Taiyo Yuden discs that would only record at 16X before :smiley:


but is it not possible in Nero ? i always use Nero

i can dissable the check but i need to burn cd’s with cd mate program right ?


It needs to be switched off in the program you use to write.

And in nero the option to disable it is not shown for this writer, only for the LTR-40125S.

Maybe there is some backdoors to disable it in nero also, any registry keys or something maybe?

I’m looking further into it :wink:


dunno if this is true for the other copies of nero…

but for mine…I can go to “choose recorder”… select recorder (32123S)… select “options”…

there is a checkbox for enabling of smartburn… tada!!! :smiley:

Is this wat everyone is talking about? :confused:


no its now possible to dissable the media check ! cozz i made a litle crack for it look in mine thread for the describtion how to do it:


if thats the case…then wats that in my version of nero that allows me to disable smartburn then? :confused:


yes you can normaly also dissable an smarburn box but that isn’t the right box that box will ALSO dissable the burnproof feature and limmit the recording speed to 16x…

after you applied the cracked mmc.dll file you will see this :

there are now 2 boxes ! now you can dissable the smartburn box and the burnproof feature will stay active !

i hope that its is now clear enough


ahh… thanks for the info :slight_smile: