Do you want a quality patched BS0S firmware? (nah, how about something better!)

I’m pretty sure I can do a quality patch for BS0S and I was wondering what everyone thinks, as to whether it’s worth while or not. I would imagine most of you are using 1653S firmware by now, as BS0S is pretty old.

And before you ask, the 1653S firmware is missing a very large routine that I need for the quality patch and it would be too hard to add it. So until I can find another way to do what I want (or get the source code from LiteOn :bigsmile: ), this firmware cannot be quality patched.

no point really, not when the 1633@1653 works good

how’s it with sony’s BYXx firmwares, can the patch be applied to them?

Unfortunately no - checked it today. It’s based on 1653S firmware. :frowning:

I think yes!!! Because of the read bug in CS0P, I had to retire this drive. The 1633S is one of the best CD burner, but one of the worst dvd burner. So it is patched, it might be still usefull.

Hi codeking!

Great to hear you didnt forget the 16x3’s boys!

I am not sure if it brings something special for the the 1653 burners?
Do you think it does?

I think yes. I tried BS0S–just for the read speed, not the write quality–and I quite liked it. (I miss the IDE LED option in BYxx firmwares, though).

Although BYX5 is quite a good firmware, I might be persuaded to go true 1633S firmware if we can get that WOPC for +R and -R. (-R is all I can use for my X-Box and DVD player; my PS2, however, is fine with either format). I still want to see how CMC and Ritek, among other locally available, -R media will do with WOPC, considering that, when using my 530r, they both burned with pretty good results for the media in combination with the 4-6x and 6-8x OPC shift points of that which we know as Z-CLV burning.

Plus, a bump up to being able to read at 16x on the respective media that presents a yo-yo effect in the 1653 firmwares would be very nice. Have to love the 12x average read speed!

wallace0134, the other downside to BS0S is that -R is 8x ZCLV. :eek:

I feel quite silly now. I guess it would have helped if I had checked the specifications. I don’t usually miss that…

I guess I still hold my vote, even with the fact that 8x -R is ZCLV. I don’t know how others feel about this, though. It has been said tha +R is the more popular of the two. If BS0S can write to it better than CSxx/BYxx, then by all means, patch the firmware.

Easily missed, it’s almost a year old now. I had to go and check whether it was 8x or 12x. :wink:

I was really expecting a new version release for the 1633S after the 832S firmware came out but alas no sign of it. I sometimes wonder if the source for the 1633S got lost when they did BS41… and why no BS42 when we have BYX5… must have been some deal with Sony… :confused:

hmm - I don’t mind which firmware you patch for 3s gen1 drives … anyone of them would be lovely!

CK what about bs41? could u improve that?

I think he can’t cos BS41 is a 1653 based firmware … hence as the first post says:

the 1653S firmware is missing a very large routine that I need for the quality patch and it would be too hard to add it

i thought bs41 was based for the 1633?

if not i guess i learned something

it was released for the 1633 - just that it’s internals is basically a 1653 firmware

Ladies and gentlemen, the poll is now closed… why? because it’s no longer needed. :wink:

Presenting CSTR quality patched to CC1R…wooh!!! :smiley:

1213S@1653S, Verbatim MCC003 @ 8x

Great work! It looks like you’ve got it (and I think my Liteon will become useful again)! … drumroll – when’s the release ?

I’m ready to beta if u need with stock of RICOHJPNR01 - RICOHJPNR02 - (a few) CMCMAGE01 … and a 1633s converted to 1653s :slight_smile:

and I notice KC4b as well :slight_smile: - revision of KC3B for the 3s gen2 drives

C0deKing, GREAT WORK! Where do I get it? I don’t see it here

Am I missing it?

What is this?

X-mas time?

Or a joke?

Codeking are you kiddin’ us?


I am really excited…

Tell us more!

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