Do you verify your burns?



Hi I burned a DVd in Nero 6 and had the verify box checked, so of course it took twice as long to complete the burning process. Is the verification necessary? What are the chances of a bad burn if Nero says burning is complete without errors? thanks.


If you use the verify option, Nero will check if the files that where in your compilation with the files that are on the burned disc. So this will not take twice as long! Only a minute more depending on the speed of the computer.

If you use “simulation” it will take twice as long, cause Nero will simulate a write session first before doing the actual burn.

I myself don’t trust the verify function cause I’ve used it a few times but it said there where errors on the disc cause the data was less then there was supposed to be burned. After checking files in windows they where the same amount as on the disc. So I never use it. (and it takes a minute longer, and my time is expensive! ;))

As for the simulation option. When I just bought a CDwriter years back, I used this option. However it never gave me an error while simulating but if it did it gave me an error while actually burning so the disc was ruined anyway. :Z
And it takes twice as long and you know how expensive my time is! :wink:

I hope this answer will do you good. :smiley:


if im burning a cd i never use the verify option but if im burning a movie i always use it because i delete the image after im done burning, dont wanna have to rip the disc again if there is a problem with the write !!!

seems like spending a couple of minutes extra could save you half an hour or more if a problem were to arise…+