Do you verify your burns?



Im currently burning then nero verify it then i move all files to hd to check crcs… im asking this because sometimes nero says everything is ok but when i try to more to hd it corrupted…

Am i verifying too much?
Will that slow down my driver lifetime?
Is that bad?

Thanks :smiley:


I’ve never verified one disc I’ve ever done.I’m just confident in my drive’s ability I guess or I’m just lucky.


I don’t do any actual data verification through Nero. The onl thing I do do is PI/PIF testing with my BenQ’s as this gives me a more general idea of whether or not it is a properly burned disc or not. :slight_smile: Sometimes the NEC isn’t the best reader in the world (can have trouble reading discs it had burned properly) and in this situation, if feasible, I’d add another regular DVD-Rom drive or another DVD-Burner to the computer for this purpose.


Thanks for the clue… i tryed a disk i just burned and acused corruption on my brothers pc and it read ok :eek:


I always tell Nero to verify if I have the time. The NEC 3500 can verify an entire disc in about 5:00, so the loss in time is minimal. I don’t copy the files back to my hard drive as I feel this step is generally unnecessary.

Previous versions of Nero had some problems and bad data would verify OK, particularly on disc to disc copies. The very latest version seems to fix that problem, so I feel that the verify mechanism is now reliable.

If you want to be absolutely certain that your copied data is OK, you can use a Windows routine to do a file compare as follows:

  1. Click Start->Run to get the “Run” dialog box up. On the input line type the following:

fc /b “filename1” “filename2”

Replace filename1 and filename2 with the full pathname of your two files. For example, let’s say your DVD burner is on drive D: and you’ve just copied the movie “The Aviator.avi” into it. Let’s say the movie was located on drive “c:” in folder “movies”. Your command line would look like this:

fc /b “c:\movies\The Aviator.avi” “d:\The Aviator.avi”

The two files would be compared and any differences would be highlighted.