Do You Use Your OS's Sounds?



Not me i hate listening to that crap.
Have my music turned up loud and bang there’s that crappy sound again :a
I don’t want to hear anything but my music :iagree:
I have sounds turned of for all my software :rolleyes:


I have almost all the OS sounds turned off, especially on my media pc connected to my HiFi system!

Since this is a stricly Yes/No question, I guess that means I have to vote Yes, since I do use a few of the OS sounds.


No you can add “Sometimes” if you want to and change your vote or leave it. Thanks

No thongs on my head or none of that crap though :rolleyes:


Nope, I don’t use them either. :slight_smile:

However, on this install I forgot to turn them off, so thanks for the reminder :stuck_out_tongue:


@Arachne: Could you please move my one vote from “Yes” to “I use some OS sounds”? :flower:


a nice nLite-d install of Windows XP got rid of all those useless noises :slight_smile:


OK…I took the “Yes” votes down by one, and added a vote (yours) to “I use some OS sounds” :flower:


I customize some sounds, others are turned off. :slight_smile:


I don’t use any sounds. Haven’t since about a year after Windows 95 came out. I’d rather listen to the TV or to music or silence.

My computer speakers are a pair of Polk RTi55’s that are powered with a 100 watt/channel TX-DS676 Onkyo receiver.


yup, my OS is completely default.


I have the [B]Start Navigation [/B] one off. the rest are default.


I don’t want to use any sound effects coming out of windows unexpected.


Turned off …
I hate it when I switch it on, and realise that I’ve left the volume up high :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides, the day I need to have audio cues to realise something has gone wrong is the day I hang up my keyboard :stuck_out_tongue: